Letter to the editor – Pat Griffin

Re: Charges in fatal accident

To the editor,

If it was the responsibility of Greene County to file charges in the death of Pat Fields from Paton on June 6, 2017, the person responsible for filing either dropped the ball or had no balls. The semi Mr Shaw was driving struck the rear of the tractor Mr Fields was driving. Mr Fields’s tractor entered the north road ditch and the tractor landed on him. Mr Fields was dead at the scene.

Not a single charge against Mr Shaw had anything to do with the accident that killed Mr Fields. Why on earth was nothing filed about one individual killing another individual? Granted I am no expert on the law. But to me, the law was not present. I have only read what was posted June 1 on the Greene County online news.

The two charges mentioned had to do with drugs. Those charges could have been filed if Mr Shaw was stopped for a light being out. He was investigated because he had just struck a tractor with the semi he was operating. Hitting that tractor resulted in the death of Pat Fields.

What is the real truth? I can not buy what these charges are trying to sell!

Respectfully—Pat Griffin, Jefferson, Iowa

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