Letter to the editor – John Thompson

Earlier this week a group of online hackers dubbing themselves “Anonymous” released a list of US Senators and city mayors they claimed were part of the KKK. They “know” this because they claimed to have hacked into an Internet site and found a list of KKK followers. In an online post Anonymous stated their motivation to unhood the KKK. “You are terrorists that hide your identities beneath sheets and infiltrate society.”

First, the irony is palpable. Online anonymous terrorists are motivated to stop a group of anonymous terrorists. 

Second, I won’t deny the KKK should be condemned. However, the KKK is the Boogie Man. It’s not real. There may be a few hundred bigoted rednecks wearing sheets and claiming affiliation across our 300 million strong nation; but these people are not mayors and senators. Even if a public official were predisposed to advancing racism, those that believe a person of that stature would be stupid enough to affiliate with such a sordid hate group need their foil caps replaced with straightjackets. 

And finally, after it turned out that the list included both a gay and a Hispanic mayor, the “outing” lost all credibility even among the foil hat leftists. It turns out that anonymous hackers do not feel compelled to exhibit journalistic integrity. However, another group claiming to be the “Real Anonymous” says that the first list wasn’t theirs and they will release the “real” names of KKK members soon. My guess is that the list includes Elvis and Bigfoot.


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