JPD chief proposes hiring/retention incentives for officers

Jefferson police chief Mark Clouse expects a need to hire three patrol officers in the next few months and he’s worried he won’t be able to attract good applicants. He’s also worried about why he’s back in hiring mode, as he’s hired five officers in the last four years. One is no longer with the department and two others are on Clouse’s “very likely to leave” list. The resignation of an officer hired five years ago is effective Nov. 18.

Clouse proposed an incentive and retention plan to the city council Tuesday evening. His goal is to keep new hires from leaving during their first 4-year contract. Continue reading JPD chief proposes hiring/retention incentives for officers

Gannon/Mechaelsen wins treasurer’s race by two votes

Updated Tuesday evening – supervisors to hold special meeting

Lawson asks for recount

Incumbent Greene County treasurer Donna Lawson came one vote closer to keeping her job, but after the auditor’s absentee and special voter board met Tuesday, challenger Katlynn Gannon/Mechaelsen won the election by two votes. That count was upheld when the county supervisors canvassed the votes later that afternoon. Republican Mechaelsen received 2,026 votes to Lawson’s 2,024. There were five write-in votes.
Continue reading Gannon/Mechaelsen wins treasurer’s race by two votes

Supes discuss changing cost share of LEC

The Greene County supervisors had a light agenda for their regular meeting Tuesday, held a day late due to the Veterans Day holiday.

The only items on the agenda were to appoint Jamie Meyer as Cedar Township trustee to replace Mick Towers, who has relocated; and to approve the third and final reading of an ordinance for the division of revenues for a portion of the Greene County Beaver Creek Wind Farm urban renewal area. Continue reading Supes discuss changing cost share of LEC

More election results: Non-partisan positions

There were several non-partisan positions on the ballot for the Nov. 6 general election. There were no contested races among them.

Township officers elected were:
• Dawson Trustee: Scott Walker 67 votes; Clerk Becki Cunningham 70 votes
• Franklin Trustee: Doug Lawton 59 votes; Clerk Carla K Offenburger 51 votes
• Grant Trustee: Peg Semke 112 votes; Clerk Marvin Rasmussen 114 votes
• Greenbrier Trustee: Brent Badger 49 votes; Clerk Judy Contner 47 votes
• Highland Trustee: John McCormick 49 votes; Clerk Marsha Subbert 66 votes
• Jackson Trustee: Joshua Hedges 107 votes; Clerk Tom Lawton 100 votes
• Junction Trustee: Wade Sohm 91 votes; Clerk Jacqueline K Gannon 106 votes
• Kendrick Trustee: Dennis Paup 82 votes; Clerk Doris White 87 votes
• Scranton Trustee: Glen Christensen 71 votes; Clerk Debra A Fey 67 votes
• Washington Trustee: Mary Ann Hick 110 votes; Clerk Jean Borgeson 115 votes
• Willow Trustee: Michael E. Carter 70 votes; Melissa D Means 69 votes

Ralph Riedesel and David Hoyt were re-elected to the Greene County Medical Center board of trustees. Hoyt counted 2,738 votes while Riedesel received 2,121.

Two Soil and Water Conservation District commissioners were elected: Bill Frederick, 2,603 votes, and Andrew Krieger, 2,426 votes.

Five members were elected to the Ag Extension Council. They were: Kyle Niles 2,268 votes; Pam Olerich 2,306; Bruce Bahnson 2,044; Jill Rasmussen 2,349, and Jessi Riley 2,225.

All the judges received positive votes in the county. ~courtesy of The Scranton Journal

Unseasonably cold temps continue in Iowa

As temperatures dipped below normal across much of the state, Iowa farmers managed to find 4.0 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending Nov. 11, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service. Activities for the week included harvesting corn and soybeans, baling stalks, applying anhydrous and manure, repairing tile, and fall tillage in areas where the ground was not too frozen. Continue reading Unseasonably cold temps continue in Iowa

JPD says ‘Buckle up every trip. Every time’

Someone will be grateful you did

The following press release is shared by Captain Heath Enns of the Jefferson police department:

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season, as well as the year’s busiest travel weekend. Whether you’re driving across the street or across the country to reach your Thanksgiving feast, it’s imperative to wear your seat belt as you travel. Increased traffic brings an increased possibility of a traffic crash. Continue reading JPD says ‘Buckle up every trip. Every time’

E.B. and Mrs Wilson coming to Jefferson

Don and Jean Van Gilder holding a photo of E.B. and Minnie Wilson, whose story they’ll tell in a readers’ theater.

Mr and Mrs E.B. Wilson, as portrayed by Don and Jean Van Gilder, will be among those attending “Our Wilsons & Lincoln – 100 Years Later” Sunday at 2 pm in the courthouse rotunda.

The program commemorates the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the life-size statue of Abraham Lincoln on the courthouse lawn. The Van Gilders wrote a readers’ theater that tells the story of the statue, including the “pillow talk” during which Minnie planted the idea in E.B.’s head that a statue would be a nice addition to the new courthouse grounds.

Rick Morain will be narrator in the readers’ theater. Also on the program are Allan Sieck delivering Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and Lincoln Highway expert Dean Parr. Tori Riley will conclude the program with an original poem written for the occasion.

The program is  planned by the Courthouse 100 committee. There is no charge and refreshments will be served.

Outcome of treasurer’s race should be known Friday

Update – The absentee ballot board will not meet until Tuesday, Nov. 13, at noon

Unofficial final results of the race for county treasurer may be announced Friday afternoon, according to county auditor Jane Heun.

Balloting on Tuesday yielded 2,023 votes for incumbent Democrat Donna Lawson and 2,026 votes for Republican Katlynn Gannon/Mechaelsen. However, there were 40 absentee ballots not accounted for. Continue reading Outcome of treasurer’s race should be known Friday

Next contract with county sec roads employees will be union-less

The Greene County supervisors are in new territory as they and secondary roads employees consider a new contract. The current union contract expires June 30, 2019. The new contract will be the first since the state legislature changed collective bargaining laws for public employees in 2017.

Adding to the unknown is the employees’ recent decertification of Public Professional and Maintenance Employees (PPME) as their representative. Continue reading Next contract with county sec roads employees will be union-less