Letter to the editor – Residents support Sebourn for council

To the editor:

With the election of a new mayor, there will be an empty seat on the council. It seems logical to have the new mayor appoint someone rather than spend money on a special election. We all support the appointment of Sean Seabourn to that vacancy. It just makes good common sense and fiscal sense. He obtained the third most votes in the election (the other two are now serving on the council).

Why spend money for a special election? It would seem that if someone else had wanted to be on city council, they would have been a candidate during that election. And a special election costs us all. Appointing someone who has already served would serve no useful purpose. They’ve had their time.

Sean knocked on doors, participated in forums for the candidates and put himself out there publicly. He listened to the concerns of many of us. He is a small business owner, and he and his family are active in the community. When it comes to the city of Jefferson, Sean will look out for the best interests of the community and its citizens, and be fiscally responsible in doing so.

Phyllis Crowder was right, appointing Sean is a win-win for all, he will bring a fresh perspective and good balance.

We agree, Phyllis, Sean has earned this appointment!

Shelly Thornton
Mike Mentzer
Susan Forkner
Ryan Sebourn
Debra Bridgewater
Dustin Bridgewater
Ken & Barbara Jantz
Hank & Julie Muzney
Pat Smith
Tammy & Tom Ganoe
Jessie Custer
Norma Louk
Craig Louk
Barb Walker
Ken & Mindy Gallagher

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