Letter to the editor – Pat Griffin

To the editor,

Greene County is behind bringing people to the County. I am all for that.

Greene County gave concessions to Wild Rose to bring their business to Jefferson. I am all for that. How many ambulance calls, police calls, and OWIs come from that part of town. I understand, but they serve alcohol. It promotes tourism.

We just had Bell Tower Festival. To my understanding the city allowed alcohol to be served by the city festival and carried around the city square. I do not oppose that, I was out of town. It promotes tourism. How may arrests were made for OWI, public intoxication, or alcohol related incidents that the city served alcohol.

The County Fair Board has in the past sold beer at the Grandstand Events. I am fine with that as it promotes Tourism. Has any one been arrested or stopped for intoxication when leaving the Greene County Fair?

Flack Recreation Farm held a long timed planned event recently. Flack Recreation Farm served no alcoholic beverages. People who attended the event had the option to bring their own beverages. People paid a fee to attend three band concerts. The Recreation farm had other venues for people to enjoy. I am all for that, even though I did not attend.

I would just like to know why Flack Farm Recreation is being held to a different standard. Flack Farm Recreation did not serve alcohol—-not like, County Fair, RAGBRAI, Bell Tower, Wild Rose, nor the city golf course. How often were police positioned to monitor drivers from these events?

Yes I am proud to be a friend of the Flack Family—-Pat Griffin, Jefferson

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