Police blotter – November 2018

Following are excerpts of activities reported by the Jefferson police department:

Friday, Nov. 30: Routine activity reported.

Thursday, Nov. 29:At 6:05 pm an officer responded to the 500 block of E. Highway 30 for a car-deer accident. Jerry Orfield struck a deer with his 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500, causing an estimated $1,500 in damage to the front of the pickup truck.

Wednesday, Nov. 28: At 10:03 am staff at Greene County High School requested officers and advised the school was in “lock down.” A male student was uncooperative with school staff in the shop area, causing the lock down. The school requested the student be taken to the LEC to be picked up by parents. Officers transported the juvenile to the LEC. He was later picked up by his mother.

Tuesday, Nov. 27: At 3:51 pm staff at Shelter Stor-All reported two storage units with missing padlocks. The owners are being contacted to determine if anything is missing and an investigation needs to take place. At 8:10 pm staff at A & W Family Restaurant reported a female used the drive thru service and attempted to pay with a $50 bill. The clerk was suspicious of the bill and checked it with a marking pen. The bill failed and was determined to be counterfeit. The business was trying to stall the subjects, who left without their food order. A registration plate was provided to the officer. The registered owner is out of Fort Dodge. The investigation continues.

Monday, Nov. 26: At 11 am staff at Sparky’s One Stop turned in a counterfeit $20 bill the business received in transactions on 11/20. The business does not know who may have passed the fake bill. At 4:56 pm an officer responded to a two-vehicle property damage accident at N. Maple and W. Washington Sts. Kendra Higgins of Grand Junction was northbound on Maple St driving a 1993 Chevrolet Lumina owned by Kriss and Jessica Higgins. Wilma Willett of Jefferson was westbound on Washington St driving her 2005 Ford Taurus. As the drivers approached the intersection Higgins braked hard and swerved to avoid a collision. Willet also swerved to avoid a collision and jumped the curb, knocked over a road sign, and struck the corner of the residence at 300 N. Maple St. Willet’s vehicle continued through the yard before coming to rest approximately 60 feet west of the residence. Willet’s vehicle was a total loss with damage estimated at $10,000. Damage to the house was estimated at $5,000. Higgins avoided a collision and her vehicle was not damaged. She was cited for violation of conditions of a minor’s school permit. At 7 pm a female reported she had been assaulted by her boyfriend on 11/24. She provided the officer with photos of injuries to her eye. The officer is investigating. ***** An officer has sent charges to the juvenile court officer for three Jefferson male juveniles on charges of theft- fifth degree for a reported shoplifting incident at HyVee on 11/16. The business provided the officer with video of the theft.

Sunday, Nov. 25: Routine activity reported.

Saturday, Nov. 24: Routine activity reported.

Friday, Nov. 23: Routine activity reported.

Thursday, Nov. 22: At 6:53 am a complainant reported a suspicious vehicle pulled half-way off the roadway at Olive and Washington Sts. The officer made contact with three subjects in the vehicle. The officer’s investigation led to the arrest of a 14-year-old female from Jefferson for possession of alcohol under legal age. At 9:56 am an officer conducted a traffic stop of a driver who had failed to obey a stop sigh at the intersection of Highways 4 and 30. During the stop, the officer smelled the odor of marijuana inside the vehicle. During the probable cause search of the vehicle, the officer located a green leafy substance. The item was seized for testing and future charges are pending. At 10:46 am an officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle with no front license plate in the 1200 block of N. Elm St. A male stopped the vehicle in a parking lot and began swiftly walking away from the vehicle as the officer pulled behind it. The officer caught up to the male, who advised he did not have a valid driver’s license and chose to walk away. The subject advised the rear plate on the vehicle did not belong on his car and he had stolen this plate from another vehicle. The officer’s investigation led to the arrest of Christopher Quirk, 36, of Jefferson for theft- fifth degree and fraudulent use of registration (simple misdemeanors)*. He was also cited for failure to provide proof of financial liability, failure to display registration plate, and operation without registration.

Wednesday, Nov. 21: At 4:59 pm a complainant reported witnessing what she believed to be child abuse occur in the 100 block of W. Washington St. The officer is investigating. At 7:16 pm a complainant reported the theft of medications from a residence in the 600 block of S. Cedar St. The officer did not locate any forced entry and is investigating. At 7:27 pm staff at Oly’s Corner reported a gas drive off of $36.25. The event is under investigation by the officer.

Tuesday, Nov. 20: Routine activity reported.

Monday, Nov. 19: Routine activity reported.

Sunday, Nov. 18: At 2:18 pm a complainant reported her purse had been stolen out of her vehicle. She had been at numerous locations in Jefferson and was not sure where the theft may have occurred. At 2:50 pm staff at Casey’s General Store reported a male writing fraudulent checks there. The officer spoke to the male and is now investigating the event.

Saturday, Nov.17: At 7:55 am a complainant reported a stay dog in the 300 block of S. Elm St. The officer placed the dog in the animal holding facility. At 9:36 pm staff at NAPA reported the driver of a vehicle with brake problems struck the storefront and caused damage. The officer learned the driver was Joe Brant of Jefferson and the vehicle was a 1977 Chevy S-10 pickup truck. Damage to the window was estimated at $600.

Friday, Nov. 16: At 1:54 pm staff at HyVee reported four juveniles had shoplifted items from the store. The officer recognized one juvenile in the video. The investigation continues. At 10:44 pm a complainant reported a possible violation of a no contact order in the 300 block of E. State St. The officer is investigating the reported event.

Thursday, Nov. 15: At 6:33 pm a resident spoke to an officer by phone and made threats of harming herself. The officer went to her home and transported her to the Greene County Medical Center emergency room for evaluation. During the process at ER the resident became uncooperative and aggressive with the staff and the officer. Lauren Marie Verle Schulte, 24, of Jefferson was charged with disorderly conduct and interference with official acts (simple misdemeanors)*.

Wednesday, Nov. 14: At 10:01 pm a resident reported a small fire in the 1200 block of Highway 30. The information was passed to a deputy as the fire was outside of city limits.

Tuesday, Nov.13: At 2:23 am Perry PD requested assistance from a Jefferson officer in locating a male subject who had been involved in a hit and run accident in Perry. The officer located the male, who was intoxicated and advised he had been in Perry. The officer arrested Justin Ray Lopez, 20, of Jefferson for possession of alcohol by underage person- second offense (simple misdemeanor)*. The officer is working to assist Perry PD further in its case. At 8:05 am an officer responded to a rear-end collision at W. South and S. Maple Sts. Brooklyn Olson of Jefferson was eastbound on South St driving a 1996 Ford Ranger owned by Mark Olson. Quinten Schroeder of Scranton was following her driving a 2003 Ford F150 pickup truck owned by Jodi Schroeder. Schroeder struck the rear of Olson’s vehicle. He was cited for failure to stop in assured clear distance ahead. Damage to each vehicle was estimated at $750. At 9:17 am staff at the Jefferson Veterinary Clinic advised an officer of a cat bite that had occurred in 9:30 pm on 11/10. A female resident advised the vet she had located an injured kitten in the roadway in the 100 block of N. Elm St. She took the kitten home and was subsequently bitten or scratched by the feral animal. The PD transported the kitten to the ISU vet college for rabies testing. The kitten had a negative test for rabies. At 5:13 pm a complainant reported a set of Snap-On wrenches and sockets missing from the 400 block of E. McKinley St. The officer is investigating. At 6:47 pm a resident reported finding possible child pornographic photos on her son’s school-issued Chromebook. The officer seized the computer and is investigating.

Sunday, Nov. 11: At 9:23 am Chad Richter advised his 2008 Ford Focus had been struck and damaged at Greene County High School on 11/08. Damage was estimated at $750. The officer is checking school video. At 4:58 pm an officer responded to a one-vehicle roll over accident on the gravel portion of E. Russell St. Gabrielle Pollock of Jefferson was eastbound driving a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt owned by Heather Pollock, also of Jefferson. Pollock left the roadway and the vehicle flipped several times. Greene County Emergency Medical Services transported her to Greene County Medical Center with injuries. The office is investigating the accident.

Saturday, Nov. 10: At 3:02 pm a complainant reported she was parked in the north end of the White Oak Station’s parking lot. She advised a black truck entered the alley and was spinning its tires, throwing gravel at her vehicle. The vehicle suffered a broken windshield and dents in the event. The officer is speaking with a suspect. At 6:22 pm security staff at Wild Rose Casino requested an officer for a possible fake ID. The officer met with the female, who eventually advised the ID belonged to a family member and was not hers. The officer issued Nancy Hernandez of Texas a citation for unlawful use of driver’s license.

Friday, Nov. 9: At 4:54 pm Kylie Angell reported finding damage on her vehicle while parked at Greene County High School. The 2015 Chevrolet Cruze is owned by Jeri and Shawn Angell of Grand Junction. The front fender had been struck. The officer is checking video to try and determine who the other vehicle may be. At 5:02 pm Medicap Pharmacy advised an employee was bit by a dog while delivering medications to a residence in the 200 block of W. Vest St. Officers met with the animal’s owner. The dog was placed in a 10-day quarantine period at the vet clinic and per city ordinance, the animal will leave the city after the period is up.

Thursday, Nov.8: At 1:15 am security staff at Wild Rose Casino advised of a male walking through the parking lot removing items from vehicles. The officer met with security staff and viewed video of the event. The video showed the male removing two cans of beer from a cooler in a vehicle. The subject admitted to the officer he had taken the items. The officer arrested Devon Myer, 29, of Fort Dodge for theft- fifth degree and public intoxication (simple misdemeanors)*. At 3:44 pm a DHS case worker spoke with an officer concerning a Jefferson resident possibly selling narcotics in the presence of children.

Wednesday, Nov. 7: At 2:16 am while on patrol an officer spotted a male who appeared to be sleeping in a vehicle parked at Wild Rose Casino. The officer checked on the male to make sure he did not need medical attention. During the interaction, the officer patted the subject for weapons and asked if he had anything illegal on his person. The subject advised the officer he had methamphetamine and a syringe in his pocket. The officer seized the items for testing and charges are pending the lab results on the items. At 9:31 am staff at GrCoHS confiscated a bottle of vaping oil from a 13-year-old male student. The student was cited for minor in possession of tobacco/vaping product- second offense. He was also suspended from school.

Tuesday, Nov. 7: At 11:24 pm an officer performed a traffic stop with a vehicle in the 700 block of Wild Rose Lane. During the stop the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. During a probable cause search of the vehicle, the officer located suspected marijuana and seized two items for testing. Charges are pending lab results.

Monday, Nov. 5: Routine activity reported.

Sunday, Nov. 4: At 8:09 am staff at HyVee reported the theft of merchandise on 10/31. A male entered the business and left without paying for an ice cream machine, valued at $79.99. The officer is investigating the report. At 10:57 am an officer arrested Connor Hornsby, 21, of Jefferson on a Dallas County warrant for probation violation*.

Saturday, Nov. 3: At 9:01 am an officer responded to a backing accident in the 100 block of N. Chestnut St. Jay White had parked his 2014 GMC Arcadia on the east side of the street. Jack Orchard had parked his 2016 Chevrolet Colorado on the west side of the street. Both drivers backed out of their parking spaces at about the same time. The rear bumper of White’s vehicle struck the driver’s side rear bumper of Orchard’s vehicle. White was cited for unsafe backing upon a highway. Damage to both vehicles was estimated at $750. At 9:11 am a father spoke with an officer about sores he saw on his child after picking the child up for the weekend. The officer and DHS are investigating the report. At 5:22 pm an officer investigated a backing accident in a private driveway in the 100 block of Harding Rd. Brinda Brown began backing her 2002 Ford Taurus out of the driveway but sideswiped the passenger side of a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze that was also parked in the driveway. Damage to that vehicle, owned to Joel Erritt of Jefferson, was estimated at $500. Damage to Brown’s vehicle was also estimated at $500. At 9:54 pm an officer performed a traffic stop on a speeding vehicle at High and Madison Sts. The officer’s investigation led to the arrest of Brad Byerly, 50, of Jefferson for operating while intoxicated- second offense (aggravated misdemeanor)*. He was also cited for operating without registration and failure to provide proof of financial liability.

Friday, Nov. 2: Routine activity reported.

Thursday, Nov. 1: Routine activity reported.

*Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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