Letter to the editor – David & Carol John

J.D. Scholten is the right choice

J.D. Scholten is the right candidate for this time in the 4th Congressional District.
The 2018 midterm election is, in my opinion, the most critical election in our lifetime. George Washington warned against “hyper-partisanship” and that’s where we are today. It’s threatening our system of government. In order to maintain the system of self-governance the founders gave us the Constitution, with checks and balances and the rule of law so the President doesn’t rule as King George did. These principles are in serious trouble today.

That’s one of the critical reasons we need to elect J.D. Scholten to Congress: to help restore the checks and balances our Constitution calls for. J.D. will bring a new voice and energy to the U.S. Congress. J.D. will take fresh ideas, a positive attitude, and a forward-looking vision that works for ALL 4th District citizens. The 4th District needs a new representative that embraces innovative solutions, and J.D. is that person.

While traveling extensively through the 4th District, J.D. has listened to and learned from the people of the district as they expressed their needs and frustrations. He will be a hands-on Congressman who will stay in touch with his constituents. J.D. will use any means available to communicate with people in the 4th District. He prefers to meet people face to face, so you can count on him being active within the district. J.D. says, “you can’t fake showing up”. He will show up and be accountable. He will work as hard as a Congressman as you do at your job, keeping your needs first. He doesn’t have a personal agenda that will come before the needs of his constituents.

J.D.’s priorities are your priorities. He will fight for better health care and jobs that provide a good living, and will work to protect our civil rights. He understands how important education is to living a successful and fulfilling life. Being from a farm background, he knows how important agriculture is to the 4th District and he will be intensely involved in helping to improve all aspects of the agriculture economy.

We need to restore the checks and balances of the federal government as the Constitution intended and restore the credibility of the 4th District congressperson. J.D. Scholten can help to do both of these things. So let’s start a new path forward by electing J.D. Scholten to the 4th District Congressional seat and we’ll all be the better for it.

David & Carol John, Jefferson

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