Letter to the editor – David and Carol John

To the undecided voters in Iowa House District #47: David Weaver is your candidate!

David Weaver is a common-sense guy who cares about all of Iowa and its people. He is honest, straightforward, compassionate, and understands the issues facing everyday Iowans. David is a very skilled listener and tries to learn all he can when having conversations with others.

Two of the issues that David cares deeply about are education and health care.
We need to restore education in Iowa to the importance and high priority that it had in the past. David is in favor of reinstating the collective bargaining law and of making pre-school available for all 4-year-olds, funded through the regular school funding formula. David puts a high value on teachers and teaching. He will work to advance education in the state at all levels.

Affordable health care is a big issue for most Iowans. David will work to help correct the Medicaid mess in Iowa. He will work to improve mental health services for Iowans and improve access to health care in the state. He understands how important health care issues are to all Iowans and is eager to improve our health care system.

As a farmer and former educator, he knows that a good productive quality of life matters. Cleaning up Iowa’s waters, protecting Iowa’s valuable soil resources and air quality is essential to the future of our state. He knows that using our tax money to improve the lives of all Iowans, not just rich corporations, is the best policy for economic development.

Thomas Paine said, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” Iowa voters in our House District 47 have it in their power to help change the misguided direction of Iowa state government by electing David Weaver to the Iowa Legislature.

Be sure to do your duty as a citizen of our country by voting in this fall’s election! Election Day is November 6. Early voting starts October 8.

David & Carol John, Jefferson

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