Josh Egeland wins Ding Dong Dash

Strut Your Mutt 1-mile fun run | GCNO photo

The Ding Dong Dash, part of the Bell Tower Festival hosted by the Jefferson park and recreation department, had a four-legged twist this time. Canines were invited to be part of a Strut Your Mutt 1-mile run/walk or to run along with their master for the 5K and 10K runs.

Entry donations for the dogs were a fundraiser for the proposed new Greene County animal shelter.

The Ding Dong Dash drew 13 more humans than last year- five more for the 5K and eight more for the 10K race.

GCNO photo

Josh Egeland was the first to cross the finish line in the 5K. He ran in the males ages 19-29 division and was clocked in 17:57. Josh Johnson, in the same age division, placed second with a time of 19:09. Osvaldo Rodriguez, running in the males 50+ division, finished third with a time of 21:28. Jack Bryson was fourth, just four seconds behind Rodriquez. Bryson ran in the male ages 15-18 division.

Top two finishers in each division were:
• Females 10 and younger, Jenna Johnson, 40:28
• Males ages 10 and younger, Nick Madsen, 29:26; Collin Russell, 32:22
• Males ages 11-14, Will Stevens, 21:37; Nathan Behne, 25:17
• Females ages 11-14, Ellie Schulte, 26:35; Rylyn Sigler, 32:07
• Males ages 15-18, Jack Bryson, 21:32; Parker Johnson, 23:55
• Females ages 15-18, Olivia Hambin, 23:06, Eliza Carlson, 32:05
• Males ages 19-29, Josh Egeland, 17:57; Josh Johnson, 19:09
• Females ages 19-29, Olivia Hansen, 22:31, Katie Nelson, 24:38
• Males ages 30-39, Curt McFadden, 22:15; Johnny Hamilton, 22:47
• Females ages 30-39, Lisa Ebersole, 25:58; Angie Healy, 26:42
• Males ages 40-49, Chris Conner 22:36; Kirk Stevens, 26:12
• Females ages 40-49, Chantalle Long, 29:14; Julie Carlson, 35:29
• Males ages 50 and older, Osvaldo Rodriguez, 21:28; Mike Palmer, 23:00
• Females ages 50 and older, Susan Fray, 24:55; Patricia Jacob, 28:093

A total of 65 runners were in the 5K race, five more than last year.

Thirteen persons ran in the 10K race. The fastest time was Tyler Hostetler’s 38:15. He ran in the ages 30-39 division.

Other finishers were:

• Females ages 19-29, Kelsey Moran, 1:31:51.
• Males ages 30-39, Tyler Hostetler, 38:15; James Holden, 59:23
• Females ages 30-39, Rebecca Holden, 59:23; Laura Krohne, 1:03:33; Kyra Babcock, 1:31:50
• Males ages 40-49, Ollie Highley, 39:03; Vincent Highley, 45:36
• Females ages 40-49, Avril Elsberry, 50:11; Jenny Wessling, 1:00:39; Jennifer Barnes 1:09:26
• Females ages 50 and older, Kate Neese, 1:00:39; Terri Sessions, 1:18:01

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