Letter to the editor – Laura Marshall

Letter to the editor,

My name is Laura Marshall and my husband and I are lifelong residents of Greene County that farm near Paton. I graduated from East Greene in 2003. My picture used to hang on the wall with all of the other graduates of East Greene but has since come down with the closure of the Grand Junction building. I know there are people that are still upset that the building was closed, but it is time to let go of the past. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as East Greene Hawks, Jefferson Ramblers, Scranton Trojans, Cooper Cardinals, Dana Cyclones and Rippey Bulldogs, and focus on making the future bright for the Greene County Rams – our children, and our future.

I’m also the mother of three young boys that have dreams to become farmers and firefighters. I don’t know what educational paths they will choose, but I will be happy knowing they can choose to attend a 4-year university or receive vocational training right here in Greene County. How great would it be if they chose to live in Greene County once they graduated from college?

Voting “yes” on April 3rd will have a huge educational and economic impact on this county that will attract and retain families in our community. We are now the Greene County Rams – Let’s come together and become one community by voting “yes” on April 3rd.

We are the Greene County Rams!

Laura Marshall, Paton

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