Letter to the editor – John and Nancy Gerken

To the editor,

We are proud of the strides that have been made in our county over the past few years. Now, with the upcoming school bond vote, we have an unmatched opportunity to add to that progress in a huge way!

We would like our community to be known for wanting to provide our children with the best possible educational opportunities, including the right to full accessibility for our middle school students. We also wish to be known for doing what it takes to make our community a vibrant and attractive place for new residents.

We applaud all those who have spent countless hours making sure that the proposals being made will bring the maximum benefit not only to our students, but to our county businesses, residents, and the future residents who will surely join us if this bond vote passes.

We look forward to “paying it forward” by saying yes to this outstanding project. We hope you will join us in voting “yes” on April 3rd!

John and Nancy Gerken, Jefferson

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