Letter to the editor – Dan and Britt Meythaler

To the editor,

We are writing this letter in support of the bond vote on April 3. We lived in the Des Moines Metro area for 10 years. When our son Cooper was 2 years old, we chose to leave the big city for a small community that felt like home. From our first visit to Greene County at Bell Tower Festival in 2015, Jefferson became that place. At the time, we could have stayed in Des Moines and let our (now two) children grow up going to state of the art schools, but instead we chose this community.

When determining where we wanted to live, the school system was a top priority. We wanted to ensure that our kids would grow up with a great education, and we feel that the teachers and staff in Greene County are providing that.

But, now that we have the opportunity for a new state of the art facility for our kids and all Greene County kids to attend, we couldn’t be more thrilled at the thought. The fact that students will have the opportunity to be taught in bigger and updated classrooms that accommodate the way kids are taught in this generation and generations to come, as opposed to the way they were taught when the current school was built is extremely exciting. We want to see the students thrive and receive the best education they can, which we feel includes the new facility.

As owners of a local business, we are also excited at the opportunity for Greene County students. We travel to many schools through our business, and we see a vast difference in the facilities of our school when compared to others in our area. Our facilities are lacking in security and accessibility even with others of similar size and enrollment. Many times, for senior pictures we photograph student athletes in the school gymnasium and around their school campus and the pride they have in their school and its heritage is apparent. An upgrade in our facilities would allow our students to have the same pride in their school gymnasium and campus, as well as the community.

We encourage you to think about a few of the highlights we touched on, amongst the others that this opportunity could provide for Greene County and urge you to vote yes on April 3rd.

Dan and Britt Meythaler, Jefferson

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