Letter to the editor – Dianne Blackmer

Dear editor,

Nearly 100 years ago, a new high school was built, proudly carrying the hopes and dreams of our people for their children. Almost a half century later, recognizing the changing educational needs of new generations, a beautiful new high school was built and the proud old building came to serve middle school students.

Today, 53 years later, educational needs have again changed dramatically, and we now have an unprecedented, one-time opportunity to provide our kids, and Greene County communities as well, with a new approach to education, as well as a flexible plan which will allow for changing needs of future generations.

The proposed Regional Academy, connected to a new high school, will allow participating students to receive college-credit training specifically designed to meet the needs of current and future employers right here in Greene County. As those needs change, current employees will be able to update skills through continuing education, and new educational strands can meet needs of new graduates.

The once-new high school will be renovated, becoming the new, larger and much safer middle school. Sound familiar? What will happen to the once-proud old building? Plans are underway for it to take on another new life.

Let us remember and celebrate, but not be bound by our past. Let’s seize the opportunity to continue our tradition of commitment to the needs of Our Kids, for Our Future as educational leaders in Greene County.

Dianne Blackmer, Jefferson

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