Letter to the editor – Tyler Lowmiller

Dear editor,

My name is Tyler Lowmiller and I have called Greene County my home for all of my 24 years. I graduated from Jefferson-Scranton High School in 2012, and I am currently in college pursuing a degree in education. I am currently a special education para-educator at the Greene County Elementary. The upcoming bond vote has me excited as an educator.

I left high school thinking I was going to college to pursue a career in business. I ended up pursuing something totally different. A day after graduation, I started working at the Greene County Early Learning Center, which led me to rethink my career field. I left high school not having a good idea of what career path I wanted to take. My classmates and I hadn’t had a lot of hands-on exposure to certain fields. I believe many students graduating from Greene County probably feel the same way about not knowing what field to choose. We need this proposed career academy. It would allow students to explore different career choices for their future, and it won’t leave them stranded, wondering what path to pick.
The proposed career academy will help Greene County grow economically as well. Working closely with local businesses allows us to ensure that our students are equipped with the employability skills necessary for business today. It seems people complain a lot about how our community isn’t growing and surrounding communities are, but in order to grow as a community, we need to change.

Many classmates I’ve chatted with about the bond vote have stated that they don’t plan to vote because they’ve already graduated, so a new high school and career academy don’t pertain to them. But I believe it does. We need this bond to pass because this will provide a great future to continue the legacy of our hometown. We’re trying to build the Jefferson we want our kids – and all kids – to have some day.
I know I will be voting YES for the proposed school bond on April 3rd and I strongly encourage that you do the same to give ALL of our future generations the education they deserve.

Best Regards, Tyler Lowmiller, Jefferson

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