Greene County magistrate court, week ending Oct. 5

In Greene County magistrate court a case was initiated during the week ending Oct. 5 against Trent Alan Michael Ray of Polk City on a charge of domestic abuse assault- first offense.

Persons paid fines for scheduled traffic violations during the week ending Oct. 5 as follows: *Eldridge Ellis of Dana, no valid driver’s license, $200; Madison Rae Payne of Fort Dodge and Esther Genevieve Weaver of Jefferson, improper use of lanes, $100; Dennis Blake Eddy of Orient, speed, $120; Linus Norbert Pudenz of Auburn, operation without registration card or plate, $50; Mitchell Chad Stevens of Ralston, minor using tobacco product- first offense, $50 (no surcharge or court costs); Rodrigo Torres Rojas of Ames, operation of motor vehicle with expired license, $50; Cheryl Ann Sheer of Bayard, unsafe backing upon highway,$100; Abbie Samara Madison of Jefferson, failure to maintain control, $100; Mitchell Alan Anthofer, curfew violation, $20; and Lucas Fulton Ausberger of Jefferson, unsafe starting of a stopped vehicle, $100.

Also, speed, $90 (16-20 mph over limit): Richard G Puski of Boone, Cameron Charles Muff of Dunlap.

Speed, $80 (11-15 mph over limit): Samantha Joanne Taylor of Boone.

Speed, $40 (6-10 over): Jorge Ceballos Ceballos and Jayne Susan Hanson both of Carroll, Eric Scott Campbell of Jefferson, Danile Joel Winger of Scranton, and Cynthia Jane Finley of Auburn.

Speed, $20 (1-5 over): Amy Nicole Baugh of Jefferson, Theresa Garnet Sheer of State Center, Jason Paul Heiman of Dunlap, Jesse John Irlbeck of Westside, Mark Jeffrey Trullinger Jr of Nevada, Cynthia Jen Peiffer of Fonda, Kyle Eugene Petersen of Ogden, Carmen Jean Venteicher, Blake Jonathon Reis, and Cynthia Joan Bentley, all of Carroll, Kevin Gilbert Walters of Conrad, Randy Lee Anthony of Des Moines, and Nathan James Wolfe and Stephen James Bowman, both of West Des Moines.

Failure to obey stop/yield sign, $100: Kyle Joseph Peters of Jefferson.

Judgments were entered against individuals for nonpayment of scheduled fines as follows (original fine listed): *Paige Leigh McCarty of Perry, Jaide Marie Wetzel of Fort Dodge, Jossie Lynne Ferrari of Dayton, and Enrique Nery Vazquez Cameros of Edinburg, TX, failure to provide proof of financial liability, $250; *Celestino Agustin Pedro of Eagle Grove and Jonathan Robert Phelps of Grafton, ND, failure to maintain control, $100; Valerie Ann Stevens, failure to wear/maintain safety belt, $50; Kirsten K. Hoyle of Churdan, speed, paid $120 fine and surcharge, judgment entered for $60 court costs; Angela Mae Vockings of Des Moines, speed, $80, and operating non-registered vehicle, $50; Dalton Weber of Scranton, operating non-registered vehicle, $25; Dawn Marie Brown of Perry, failure to have valid license while operating, $200, and failure to provide proof of financial liability- accident related, $500;

The judgment includes a penalty of one-half the original fine and surcharge.

Court costs were $60 on each citation unless otherwise noted.

*An additional $5 county surcharge was added.

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