Letter to the editor – Greenbrier 4-H Club

(Editor’s note: National 4-H Week is Oct. 1-7)

To the editor,

4-H clubs fill a very important need for young people who take advantage of membership. They allow opportunities for interaction socially, mentally, and physically with young people whom they might not know otherwise. That brings about loyalty to a group.

Members have the chance to learn about and do projects of their choice which can be displayed at the county fair.

An integral part of the program is developing life skills. Those include citizenship, communication, leadership, decision-making and record keeping.

As a part of a local 4-H club members are connected to a large 4-H family of the county, district, state, and nation.

Members of the Greenbrier 4-H club have recorded reasons they like 4-H.
1. I love that 4-H provides opportunities for you to learn things about yourself and others.
2. I like 4-H because you can show horses and be with your friends.
3. I like that 4-H opens up different opportunities that I would not otherwise had, like showing livestock.
4. I enjoy 4-H because I get to spend time with my friends.
5. I like it because it teaches me about taking care of animals.
6. I love how we get to help out our community and get to hang out with friends.
7. I like the meetings and the food.
8. I have fun making projects.
9. I like 4-H because you can show animals
10. I like meeting new people, learning new things and skills. I also enjoy bringing things to the fair.
11. I like making fun projects to take to the fair and it gives me something to do.
12. I like that we get to learn new things and be with friends. I like seeing all the animals and meeting new people.
13. I like listening to everybody’s ideas for different things.
14. I like how you can show any animal you want.
15. I like 4-H because I get to show livestock at the fair and get to hang out with friends.
16. I love showing sheep.
17. I like that you get to show animals at the fair.
18. I like all the opportunities to learn skills for life, such as public speaking.
19. I like learning about sheep in the community barn project.
20. I like that you can show your pets, like my Buddy, at the fair.
21. I like the opportunity to show animals at the State Fair.

In this National 4-H Week these and others are reasons for everyone to join 4-H.

Greenbrier 4-H Club

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