Greene County magistrate court, week ending March 23

In Greene County magistrate court a judgment was entered March 22 against Jasmin Becirovic, no hometown given, on a charge of trespass (casino self-exclusion). She was fined $65 with a $22.75 surcharge and a $125 Law Enforcement Initiative surcharge. Court costs were $232.05.

Cases were initiated in magistrate court during the week ending March 23 as follows: Nathaniel Byerly of Churdan, assault- simple; David Hoyle of Churdan, criminal mischief- fifth degree; Branden G. Smith of Jefferson, disorderly conduct; Melissa Sue Smith of Jefferson, disorderly conduct; and Dacoda Lee Lawrence of Scranton, obstruction of emergency communication.

Persons paid fines for scheduled traffic violations during the week ending March 23 as follows: Lynn Wilkinson of Jefferson, operating non-registered vehicle, $50.

Also, speed, $90 (16-20 mph over limit): Troy Augustus Prescott of Coon Rapids.

Speed, $40 (6-10 over): Kristina Marie Whitver Soyer of Gliddden, *Bridgett Marie Allen of Churdan, *William John Grieser of Boone, *Kelly Ray Evans of Hartford, and Jerry Jeff Kennedy of Jefferson.

Speed, $20 (1-5 over): Charles Eugene Bright of West Des Moines, Deborah Steadman of Jefferson, Robert Martin Hardiman of Lake City, Terry L Eslick of Scranton, Robert Kevin Mueller of Urbandale, Penny Jo Patrick of Coon Rapids, and Pamela Jean Van Pelt of Boone.

Failure to obey stop/yield sign, $100: Matthew Pena of Jefferson.

Failure to wear/maintain safety belt, $50: Sean Raymond Good of Boone and Adam Carter Smith of Jefferson.

Judgments were entered against individuals for nonpayment of scheduled fines as follows (original fine listed): Deacon James Smith Downs of Barnum, speed, $80; Raquel Strennen of Des Moines, careless driving, $35; Rachel Lynne Zabilla of Grand Junction and *Shawn J Gifford of Jefferson, speed, $40; and Jerry Lavern Miller of Jefferson, failure to yield to vehicle on right, $100.

The judgment includes a penalty of one-half the original fine and surcharge.

Court costs were $60 on each citation unless otherwise noted.

*An additional $5 county surcharge was added.


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