Greene County high school students are part of the Relay for Life, with the Spirit Team already nearing the $1000 mark in fundraising and the NHS Stompers continuing the long tradition of selling daffodils as an American Cancer Society fundraiser. Hooray!  ~Tori Riley, Relay for Life event leadership team and GCNO publisher

“Out-of-town reader really curious why mayor of Grand Junction resigned and what emojis used  in his text message. I would use okay sign, cry face, red angry face or poo with eyes. ” ~Beth Holz, Prairie Village, KS; Feb. 27, 2017


“Wow! A wonderful poem with Colleen O’Brien’s column, ‘Protest on’. The facts that followed demonstrate that we still have a ways to go in this world. Thank you.” ~Marla Orfield, Jefferson, IA; Feb. 22, 2017


“I get political cartoons and I am always up for a debate. When I taught US government in the 1980s, political cartoons were sometimes a part of our class discussions.

Ron Wagner depicting Donald Trump as a friend to the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan is extremist, intellectually dishonest and displa”ys ignorance.  Donald Trump lighting the constitution on fire???  Seriously???…which part of the constitution has he violated?  I understand satire, but even satire should have some basis of truth.”  ~Tim Heisterkamp, Jefferson, IA; Feb. 22, 2017

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