Letter to the editor – Abby McConnell

To the editor,

I would like to address the school bond conversation from a different point of view.

Many of those expressing opinions have continued their viewpoints from their voting decision of last year. I, however, am not. I did not vote last year regarding the school bond because I didn’t feel confident nor educated enough to know whether to vote yes or no. I thought as a 23-year-old, it would not have much effect on me. I was wrong. I have learned a lot since the vote took place, and I have strived to become educated about the matter.

The most important thing I have learned is this bond isn’t just about now; it’s about our future. I feel that many people, especially younger adults, didn’t vote because they, too, felt under-educated or that there was not enough time in their day to vote.

We, as younger adults, need to stop thinking this way. We need to take the time to ask questions, read information, and vote, as the future of educating our community is in our hands. Education is so vital in this world!

Over the past few years our school district has seen overall decreasing enrollment. Potential future enrollment decreases are a large reason why we need to focus on this bond. As a community, we need schools that will draw more people to our county, allow our future children an environment that enhances their learning and provide them the ability to be involved in many activities and interests.

Why hinder the possibility of allowing our community to grow? Let’s help make the Greene County Community School District a reason to move to our county. Let’s build new additions and consolidate buildings to allow for safer schools and more enhanced learning environments.

Let’s stand together and make those who came before us proud that we, too, will pay it forward. Let us vote “Yes”! 

Abby McConnell, Jefferson


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