Greene County district court, week ending April 1

In Greene County district court a judgment was entered March 29 against Richard Charles Burkhardt, 46, of Jefferson after he pleaded guilty to a charge of interference with official acts. Burkhardt was sentenced to 365 days in jail. The jail time was suspended and he was placed on informal probation for two years. He was fined $315 with a $110.25 surcharge; both were suspended. The court also determined Burkhardt is unable to pay $480 in restitution for his court appointed attorney’s fees. Court costs were $100.

Burkhardt was originally charged with criminal mischief-second degree and assault on person in certain occupation. A companion case in magistrate court in which Burkhardt was charged with disorderly conduct was dismissed, but a judgment was entered for $60 court costs. (Sentencing: Honorable Adria A. Kester)

Karah Jean Brown, 18, of Jefferson was granted a deferred judgment on a charge of unauthorized use of credit card under $1,000. The case had been remanded to magistrate court. She was placed on informal probation for one year. Brown must pay a $65 civil penalty, a $125 Law Enforcement Initiative surcharge and $33.05 victim restitution. Court costs were $134.76. (Sentencing: Magistrate Rita Pedersen)

Persons pleaded not guilty in district court as follows: Brittany Kay Smith, 28, of Jefferson, domestic abuse assault-third or subsequent offense; Patrick Michael Kennedy, 31, of Jefferosn, domestic abuse assault-third or subsequent offense; Tanner Dean Bush, 29, of Churdan, operating while intoxicated (OWI)-first offense; Dylan Mikul Casali, 18, of Grand Junction, possession of marijuana-first offense; and Heather Thelma Erwin, 35, of Jefferson, manufacture, deliver or possess with intent to manufacture or deliver methamphetamine. Erwin’s trial date was set for May 10. Trial dates of June 21 were set for all other defendants named.

Cases were initiated in district court as follows: Kevin Armando Montoya, 19, of Grand Junction, burglary-third degree and criminal mischief-first degree; Zakkariah Dylan Levi Boudewyn,  23, of Jefferson, possession of methamphetamine; Tammy Ann Tolsdorf, 49, of Grand Junction, possession of methamphetamine-third or subsequent offense; Joe Edward Blackmon, 40, of Jefferson, public intoxication-third or subsequent offense; and Dean J. Kokinis, 60, of Glenview, IL, possession of marijuana-first offense.

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