Letter to the editor – Bill Monroe

To the editor:

FACT: Attending West Point on my tax dollar does not make a person’s opinions a fact, nor does working for a Fortune 500 company. Opinions are exchanged on the opinion page, but frequently are based upon facts.

FACT: Geothermal systems do save money and are better for our environment. Ask B&D Manufacturing based here in Greene county. Poor installation is assumed by Mr. Thompson.

FACT: While it is true that closing a building can adversely affect a community, saving thousands on fuel costs and other expenses can be looked upon as good stewardship by the school board with our tax dollars. Hard facts (dollars) unfortunately trump opinion.

FACT: The woman who felt (that is an opinion) “lied to” should know that construction of casinos or other businesses or homes will broaden the tax base, thereby tending to lower her taxes. Taxes change year by year based upon rules set by state government as well as issues like school and hospital bonds.

FACT: I have yet to see a plush school office referred to by Ms. Holz. I have seen some schools go overboard (my opinion) on sports facilities. I think (my opinion) that this project will bring us closer to the “norm” of other schools we play.

OPINION: As one involved in the arts, I would hope that improvements in the fine arts areas will occur.

FACT: People and businesses do base locating in a community upon perceived values such as quality of life, public facilities, schools, parks, healthcare, housing, crime rates, and cleanliness. Those are opinions based upon their perception as to what makes a great community.

FACT: I support this school bond issue because my understanding of the facts leads me to want to invest now to save in the long run. I have hope for our community that used to be in decline. I want my tax dollars to provide not only better education, but also to improve in more people’s and businesses’ minds the perception that this is a great county to live in.

FACT: I will be voting YES.

Bill Monroe, Jefferson




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