Attendees at town hall meeting asked to ‘spread the word’

The 100 or so people who attended a town hall meeting Monday at the Greene County Community Center were recruited as ambassadors and recruiters to help fill needs created by anticipated job growth in the county. The 75-minute meeting was organized by Ken Paxton, executive director of Greene County Development Corp. (GCDC) to share information and to let residents know what their roles can be as the county looks for an estimated 800 new jobs in the next one or two years. Continue reading

Still no answer on Hy-Vee “clinic” space

The question of an 8,150 square-foot area on the west side of the new Hy-Vee grocery store labeled “clinic” on the most recent site plan is still unanswered. With the termination of McFarland Clinic Jefferson’s lease at Greene County Medical Center effective next May, area residents are watching to see where that clinic might relocate. Continue reading

Greene County board looking at revised “good conduct” policy

The Greene County board of education will at its regular meeting this Wednesday, Aug. 20, have the first reading of a revised eligibility policy – the good conduct policy – that is both good news and bad news for violating students.

The good news is that students will be given a fourth “strike,” amending the “three strikes, you’re out” policy that is now in place.

The bad news is that students who violate the policy, even just once, will be required to perform community service and to complete, along with their parents, counseling or classes related to the area of the violation. Continue reading

Sheriff Haupert talks about ‘detainers’

Sheriff Steve Haupert
Sheriff Steve Haupert

Greene County has been named in regional and statewide news many times this summer with the approval of a gaming license for Wild Rose Jefferson, the Ram softball team’s successful state tournament appearances, and even top notch young talent in the Bill Riley Talent Search at the Iowa State Fair.

The county was in the news earlier this week for a matter more political in nature, but the mention came under unusual circumstances. An article in the Aug 18 Des Moines Register named Greene County as one of 22 counties in Iowa that would no longer detain foreign born inmates on a request by a federal agency without a judge’s signature. Continue reading

Carey resigns from P-C school board

Board to appoint new member

Paton-Churdan school board member Greg Carey announced his resignation from the board at its regular meeting Aug. 13. The resignation is effective on Sept. 12 or when a new board member is appointed, whichever is earlier.

Carey gave no explanation except that his family has decided to “do some things differently at home.” “I’ve enjoyed my time on the board and getting to know the district and how it works, but at this point it’s best for the district and my family if I step back and let someone else take the role,” Carey said. Continue reading

Ice cream social at Russell Park Sunday

DonkeyThe Greene County Democrats will host an ice cream social for the public this Sunday, Aug. 24, from 3 to 5:30 pm at the shelter house at Russell Park in Jefferson.

There is no charge, although donations will be accepted for specific candidates or for the Democratic party. No campaigning is planned, only sweet treats and neighborly conversation. Greene County Democratic party co-chair David Morain said the ice cream social will be “a cool way to end your summer.”

Scranton council handles routine business

Squibb recommended for library job, Boyd announces retirement

ScrantonThe Scranton City Council addressed a mixed agenda of routine business at its Aug. 12 meeting.

A public hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 6 pm for a budget amendment.

The city street financial report for the 2013-14 budget year was approved. Continue reading

Rippey school still there for a few more weeks

Rippey school 2The Rippey school building had a reprieve from demolition crews and was still standing for a 93rd first day of school. The building, which has not housed students in recent years, was scheduled to be demolished during the summer. The reprieve was only a matter of scheduling. The building will be razed most likely in September. Continue reading

West central Iowa farmers getting more help from Mother Nature than some

USDA, NASSBelow average precipitation across much of Iowa caused a drop in soil moisture, particularly in the northeastern part of the state during the week ending Aug. 17, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Statewide, topsoil moisture levels rated 8 percent very short, 23 percent short, 67 percent adequate and 2 percent surplus. West central Iowa is faring better, with topsoil moisture levels at 2 percent very short, 9 percent short, 84 percent adequate and 5 percent surplus. Continue reading

Jeff council nixes P&Z’s recommendation re: livestock

There will be no pet chickens in Jefferson after the city council failed to accept the recommendation of the planning and zoning commission to amend the zoning code to allow the board of adjustment to allow exceptions to the ban on livestock.

At the council’s Aug. 12 meeting, council member Lisa Jaskey made a motion to amend Section 165.83 of the zoning code as recommended. Council members Shannon Black and Gary Von Ahsen were absent. Neither Larry Teeples nor Harry Ahrenholtz seconded Jaskey’s motion and it died. Continue reading

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