Several bills in legislature could impact hunting, fishing license

~courtesy of The Scranton Journal

Greene County resident and hunting enthusiast Fred Long is active in the field hunting wild game but also keeps a close eye on the Iowa State Legislature. At the Greene Gobblers Hunting Heritage banquet, Long touched on some bills in both the House and Senate.

He provided an update for The Scranton Journal, noting that a large percentage of the funding for the Department of Natural Resources comes from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses: Continue reading Several bills in legislature could impact hunting, fishing license

Letter to the editor – Patti Naylor,

To the editor,

A unique opportunity to learn about organic pork production is coming up on March 8 and 9 in Waterloo. Sponsored by the Iowa Organic Association and supported by a USDA Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative grant, the Midwest Organic Pork Production Conference will bring together farmers and researchers in the organic and niche pork production fields. Continue reading Letter to the editor – Patti Naylor,

91 years ago

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~a column by Colleen O’Brien

Excerpts from The Jefferson Bee, February 29, 1928

[The following is a story about the influence of radio. It was printed on the front page, left hand column, often a spot for opinion as opposed to news. The headline, “Seasonable Sermons,” by V.E. Lovejoy, subtitles, “Thoughts upon Topics which Are very much Alive in America at Present,” is an ironic harangue about radio, and it was the advertising that had blossomed by then that got to the author. It seems he wrote from a crystal ball and surely has been rolling in his grave for the ensuing decades.] Continue reading 91 years ago

The Behn Report

Jerry Behn (R), Boone

In the legislature

February 14, 2019

As we moved into the fifth week of the legislative session, subcommittee work remained the primary focus.

One of these subcommittee bills is Senate Study Bill 1128, which allows driverless vehicles to operate on public highways. The bill requires the vehicle to meet a series of criteria and requires the owner of the vehicle to submit proof of insurance to the Department of Transportation. Continue reading The Behn Report

Talking points

~by Victoria Riley, GreeneCountyNewsOnline

There’s still close to a year to go before the presidential caucuses in Iowa. News media are starting to count down days. Republicans and even some Democrats are already exclaiming, “Enough already!”

I’m not one of them. I didn’t mind the abundance of Republican candidates in 2015 and I don’t mind the abundance of Democratic candidates now. Continue reading Talking points

Gambling on a political judiciary

Editor’s note – Clarification of Iowa State Bar Association’s role added per information provided to GCNO by that group.

~by Victoria Riley, GreeneCountyNewsOnline

State senator Jerry Behn surprised people at Coffee and Politics a week ago when he announced that the three branches of Iowa government – executive, legislative and judicial – are not equal according to the Iowa Constitution.

Continue reading Gambling on a political judiciary

Candidate Andrew Yang speaks in Jefferson

Candidate Andrew Yang was invited to don a blue apron to show a willingness to serve. Hes pictured with Democrat county chair Chris Henning.

The idea of a $1,000 a month paid by the federal government to every U.S. citizen older than 18 sounds “out there”, but Andrew Yang, a Democratic candidate for president who espouses the universal basic income (UBI), made it sound more realistic.

Yang’s UBI, a “Freedom Dividend”, is similar to Alaska’s petroleum dividend, he explained to about two dozen Democrats and members of the media at the Milwaukee Road depot in Jefferson Feb. 1.Yang founded Venture for America, which helps entrepreneurs create jobs in economically challenged cities like Baltimore, Cleveland and Detroit. Those cities have been hit hard by a decline in manufacturing jobs. Continue reading Candidate Andrew Yang speaks in Jefferson

The Behn Report

Jerry Behn (R), Boone

February 8, 2019

The attention of many Iowans was focused on the work being done in the Senate this week. Several key issues being discussed this legislative session began to work their way through the process and have been the topic of many discussions at the Capitol.

A judicial subcommittee advanced SJR 9, a constitutional amendment that would prevent unelected judges from writing a right to an abortion into the Iowa constitution. If SJR 9 is passed by the General Assembly in two successive legislative sessions, and a majority of Iowans, then the legislature would determine whether abortion could be allowed in the state, not the courts. Continue reading The Behn Report

Art Cullen speaks to large group in Jefferson

Art Cullen signs a book for State Rep Karin Derry.

The Greene County Democrats’ inaugural Groundhog Day Dinner Feb. 2 drew not only local Democrats, but also guests from surrounding counties, State Rep Karin Derry of House District 39 (Polk County), State Rep Wes Breckenridge of House District 29 (Jasper County), and J.D. Scholten, contender for the Fourth Congressional District seat held by Steve King.

Close to 80 people attended the dinner in the Rotary Room at the Jefferson Community Golf Course, including a news crew from Agence France Presse (AFP). AFP is documenting the Iowa caucus process. The crew learned of the dinner as they filmed a visit by presidential candidate Andrew Yang on Friday. Continue reading Art Cullen speaks to large group in Jefferson

To be or not to be…conservative/liberal

~a column by Colleen O’Brien

How do we remain friends with somebody who voted for the wrong person?
How do we talk with someone we know is a flaming liberal when we are a far-right conservative? Many of us have given it up over the past two or three years, figuring we aren’t going to get anywhere. And the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t come naturally. Continue reading To be or not to be…conservative/liberal

The Behn Report

Jerry Behn (R), Boone

February 1, 2019

Our focus continues to be our subcommittee work as more and more bills are being filed during the third week of the legislative session.

On Tuesday members of the United Way from across the state visited the Capitol. They discussed different policy proposals to support Iowans through education and health care, and how to assist Iowans in their pursuit of new career opportunities. We also had Easter Seals visit at the Capitol to discuss ways the Legislature can support those with disabilities. Continue reading The Behn Report