Letter to the editor – Karen and Steve McCoy

To the editor –

We were born in Jefferson. We graduated from Jefferson. We raised our two sons here in Jefferson. We worked our entire years in Jefferson. Now, we are retired and living in Jefferson. We do not have children or grandchildren in this school system. We are property owners and pay our taxes. We don’t have fancy words or figures about the school bond issue and proposed academy. What we do know is that this is one of the greatest opportunities we have seen for our town and our school system. Continue reading Letter to the editor – Karen and Steve McCoy

Letter to the editor – Steve Fisher

To the editor,

As the parent of a high school student, the spouse of a school teacher, and a school board member you’d probably expect me to be talking about the benefits of the proposed school/academy bond proposal and the advantages that it will present for the students and staff of our school system here in Greene County CSD. While I agree with the many recent letters praising these enhanced opportunities for both pre and post high school curriculum, I’d like to emphasize a few of the other significant benefits to our county and region at large. Continue reading Letter to the editor – Steve Fisher

The Behn Report

Jerry Behn (R), Boone

March 9, 2018

This week was busy as we worked to send Senate bills over to the House ahead of our next legislative deadline. Most days were filled with long debates on a number of bills, spanning a wide variety of topics.

One of these was Senate File 2243, which prohibits false or misleading caller identification information to any person with an Iowa area code and is physically located in the state. Continue reading The Behn Report

Letter to the editor – J.B. Hinote

To the Editor,

I recently sat in a class where I was presented with a surprising fact. At most, people only remember about 15 percent of what you tell them. This came as a shock to me since I thought people really wanted to hear what I had to say. I was mistaken. We all are. The conversations we hold have gotten completely obnoxious and uninteresting. Nobody really hears and listens to anyone any more. Continue reading Letter to the editor – J.B. Hinote

Letter to the editor – Hannah Sheridan

To the Editor:

In the fall of 2017, my husband and I became parents to our very first pre-kindergartener. It marked the beginning of a journey, and for the next 15 years, my husband and I will be a part of this school system. Unfortunately, our beginning was a rocky one. This past fall, our daughter Lily and her 4-year-old classmates did not have a classroom to call home. They became victims of the facility crisis in this county. Continue reading Letter to the editor – Hannah Sheridan

Do you know you have it?

~a column by Colleen O’Brien

I read once that the mere thought of moving fills most Americans with dread; the article said it was akin to getting mugged in the park.

I thought that was an over-the-top comparison, but the article was probably talking about moving to a different apartment in a big city where parks might be known as the scene of muggings. I don’t know that there have been any muggings in Jefferson’s central park, Russell, so our comparison might be of something else. But I have moved to here and from here, and the dread was palpable both directions because of the ordeal of it all. Continue reading Do you know you have it?