The Behn Report

Sen Jerry Behn, (R) Boone

February 23, 2018

This week was full of floor debate. We passed a number of bills, most on a bipartisan vote, and sent them to the House for their consideration.

One of these was Senate File 2177, an important bill for consumers, especially since the Equifax breach last year affected nearly 1.1 million Iowans. This bill removes the ability for consumer reporting agencies to charge a fee to freeze someone’s credit, to temporarily unfreeze their credit, and to permanently unfreeze their credit. These companies would have to provide this service for free to Iowans. Continue reading The Behn Report

That’s good; that’s bad – Using the power of the dollar

I was excited last week when I read that Al Hoffman Jr, a real estate developer from Palm Beach, FL, and a major Republican donor, announced he would not fund any candidate or group that doesn’t endorse a ban on assault rifles.

I thought, “Aha! At last someone who talks the language of politicians, that being dollars, is ready to leverage his power for sensible gun legislation. That’s great!” Continue reading That’s good; that’s bad – Using the power of the dollar

Talk’s cheap

~a column by Colleen O’Brien

There are many wry expressions about hypocrisy that could define public officials who addressed the shooting of 17 people in a Florida school a week ago. “If you’re going to talk the talk, you’d better walk the walk.” “Talk doesn’t cook rice.” “He liked to go from A to Be without inventing letters between.” My favorite saying about hypocrites? “Talk’s cheap, takes money to buy whiskey.” Continue reading Talk’s cheap

Letter to the editor – Doug and Karen Lawton

To the editor,

Doug and I would like to share our support for the upcoming school bond initiative, “Our Kids, Our Future…..Greene County”. The campaign slogan in itself has caused us to realize how strongly we personally believe in this project. Our own kids, who benefited from their education here, have now brought their own kids to Greene County to live in a community that has a history of supporting education for a brighter future. Continue reading Letter to the editor – Doug and Karen Lawton

Letter to the editor – Audrey Hinote

Dear residents of Greene County,

My name is Audrey Hinote. I have called Greene County home for all of my 33 years. I grew up in Cooper next door my dad’s welding business, graduated from Jefferson-Scranton High School in 2003, and lived in Greene County while attending college in Carroll to pursue a degree in education. I teach second grade at Greene County Elementary and have been teaching in the district for the past nine years. The upcoming school bond vote has me excited as an educator and also as a parent. Continue reading Letter to the editor – Audrey Hinote

The Behn Report

Sen Jerry Behn, (R) Boone

February 16, 2018

In the Legislature: This week is the first funnel for this legislative session, making our days busy and full. This deadline focuses us on the issues we’d like to accomplish this year. Any bills, except for tax, spending, and oversight bills, we would like to consider for the rest of the session need to be through the committee in their originating chamber, meaning Senate bills need to get through Senate committee and House bills through House committee. Because of this deadline, a number of issues have been discussed as part of the legislative process during the week. Continue reading The Behn Report

History, a subject worth teaching

~a column by Colleen O’Brien

A demand that grade school and high school teachers in the U.S. concentrate on math and literacy was written into law and passed in 2001 via a federal education bill called No Child Left Behind. That bill got left behind in 2015 when the Every Student Succeeds Act was passed. This bill also directed teachers to test to math and literacy so the federal government can figure out how much to give the schools. Continue reading History, a subject worth teaching

Reynolds, Gregg unveil sweeping new tax policy

DES MOINES – Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg unveiled the most significant tax reform package in decades on Tuesday, providing immediate relief to middle class workers, small business owners, famers, families and teachers across Iowa, making good on the commitment she made in her swearing in address last May and again in her Condition of the State address in January. Continue reading Reynolds, Gregg unveil sweeping new tax policy

The Behn Report

Sen Jerry Behn, (R) Boone

February 9, 2018

In the Legislature – Week Five  is coming to a close and we have been busy working to get our bills through the legislative process. With the increase in subcommittee meetings, there are bills on a variety of issues at the capitol.

One of these, Senate File 2086, allows a person with a permit to carry weapons to have their weapon while on school property while they are picking up or dropping off a person, transporting an item to or from school, or if a person is in a parking area or driveway. This does not allow them to carry inside a building. The main aim of the bill is to ensure parents who choose to carry are not violating any law when picking up or dropping off their child. Continue reading The Behn Report