About Us

GreeneCountyNewsOnline joins the community as Greene County’s only locally owned news source. Playing this important role means providing news of all sorts—from accounts of city council,  county  supervisor and school board actions that impact residents, to announcements of a baby’s birth or a loved one’s death, to stories about schools, special events, gatherings and events like ice cream socials.

GreeneCountyNewsOnline shares information of the many businesses, organizations, non-profit groups and churches that make Greene County a vital and vibrant place to live, work, and raise families. Readers are welcome to submit news or letters to the editor by email at news@greenecountynewsonline.com or by mail  to PO Box 343, Jefferson, IA, 50129, or call 515-386-3087.

GreeneCountyNewsOnline is updated on Wednesdays, with some items updated daily as needed, and important stories posted as they happen. A Good News Sunday update focuses on exactly that – good news about Greene County and its residents. GreeneCountyNewsOnline is always available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at any place that has internet access.

GreeneCountyNewsOnline is free. There is no subscription to buy, no online enrollment required.

GreeneCountyNewsOnline is supported by community-minded advertisers who need a reliable hometown outlet for their advertising about the goods and services they provide and we all need. Thanking those advertisers by patronizing their businesses or checking out their websites assures that accurate local news remains available online at no charge. Readers can help assure this with personal support for GreeneCountyNewsOnline by clicking on the “Donate” button found in various places on the website.


About the publisher-

Victoria Riley has more than 25 years of experience as a journalist, includingHeadshot2 nearly 18 years at the Jefferson Bee and Herald. She knows the territory:  the who, what, when, where and—most important—the why of Greene County.

Riley’s  thoughts on her work: “Community journalism is  about relationships. On the news side, it’s about knowing the expectations of readers for information about where they live. It’s about the longtime connections I have with news sources. It’s about fairness and accuracy in reporting. On the ad side, it’s about the interwoven needs of advertisers and the customers they serve. Overall, community journalism is about being local. It’s about keeping a community informed and involved. It’s about the bonds we have with our neighbors, our co-workers, the people we go to church with and the people we play with. With GreeneCountyNewsOnline it’s about us, all of us in Greene County, Iowa.”