Musings on leadership

~a column by Colleen O’Brien

Can you imagine the whining and blaming if protestors with guns were encouraged to harangue at the White House? Can you imagine what he would do with guns at his gates? Or at the Lincoln Memorial? That silly staging area for a political rally, where in the photos someone looks like a recalcitrant child being chastised and sent to the corner to sit in the little chair.

The man is praising violence! Wow. Congratulating the outraged carrying long guns into the Michigan Statehouse. Yay. Is the man crazy? He told all wackos in the country and informed the entire world that protesters with guns were cool. He is not only the farthest thing from a leader that I’ve ever seen, he’s downright dangerous.

Are you tired of him yet? Are you still tuning into his afternoon political rallies? Are you hanging on to his every word that is connected neither to the word before it or the one after it?

Even my Trumpet acquaintance told me she can’t stand to look at him or hear his voice. When I asked her why she was in favor of him for president, she said, “Well, honestly, I just can’t bring myself to vote for Pelosi.”

I had to let that one go. What on earth is Fox News telling them now?

Our leader is not a leader but a very large whiner. When a reporter merely asks him a question, he whines: “Oh, what a nasty question.” Frowns. “You are a terrible reporter.”

Because the job of the Press is to ask questions – most of us know this – it means that his whining is only for his base. Encouraging some of them – the outlying brainwashed – is a physical danger to reporters, and even more of a danger to democracy.

But on he goes, bellyaching; no one to stop him.

Everyone I know except my one Trumpet acquaintance has been isolating themselves, ordering groceries in, or at least going to the store only once a month, wearing a mask when in public, dropping cans off at food pantries once a week.

Where I live right now in Florida, on March 8 there were zero cases of coronavirus logged. Today, May 8, as I write, the count is up to 1,738 deaths, 39,199 infections, a whopping 2.4 percent of the population tested. In this, the deadliest week in Florida, the Governor opened restaurants, barber shops and salons.

And then there’s Republican “Leader” McConnell in the U.S. Senate. He’s the head honcho who, two years ago, handed 83 percent of the $2.3 trillion in lowered taxes to the wealthiest people in the nation. And now, with the pandemic swirling through our states (the country with the most coronavirus cases in the world), McConnell is griping: he is unwilling to add debt to help people who have lost their jobs and have no food, soon no housing, and never did have healthcare.

Does he now regret that $2.3 trillion debt he laid down in 2018? No, or he’d take it back. Does he not understand that if laid-off workers receive a check a month from the federal government, they’ll be paying their landlords? Their mortgage companies? Their grocery stores?

Our President isn’t the only clueless leader in the country.

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