60-ton boulder being moved from Bayard to Glidden

~courtesy of The Scranton Journal

A Bayard landmark is about to become the Liberty Rock in Glidden. If things go as planned, City officials hope to have the project completed by the end of 2020.

The late Max McCord grew tired of hitting a large rock with his farm equipment many years ago and decided to dig up the rock. When he started the project, he had no idea how big the rock was.

“His friends told him he couldn’t do that,” recalled Helen McCord, Max’s wife. “You never told Max he couldn’t do something. That just made him work that much harder to get it done.”

It didn’t take long to figure out he had uncovered a massive boulder. The movers say it weighs 60 tons. The rock has rested in a farm field just north of Bayard on the east side of Highway 25 for many years.

Richard and Kathryn Hunter of Scranton now own the farm and they agreed to donate the rock when Glidden city officials asked about it.

Billy Bell House Moving, LLC, worked last week to jack up the boulder and load it on a steel beam trailer. Wheels will be added to spread out the weight to minimize damage to the road surface.

If weather conditions are right and the proper permits are obtained, the rock will be moved sometime next week. The truck and trailer are so large no other traffic will be allowed on the road with it so the movers request no spectators try to watch the procession from the road.

The route still must be approved by state and county officials to ensure a safe passage.

Northland Park is being developed by the city of Glidden. Located on the north side of Highway 30 at Sherwood Ave, the boulder will become the Liberty Rock. Ray “Bubba” Sorensen who has painted all the Freedom Rocks in the state has been contracted to paint this rock using a patriotic theme.

The movers will be paid $16,000 out of the estimated total project cost of about $50,000. The city has obtained some grants and many individuals have donated to the project.

Landscaping, flags and lighting will be added to make the Liberty Rock in the park more attractive. The project was slated to be completed later this year but with all the postponements due to COVID-19, it is unknown if that is possible.

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