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May 4, 2020

POSTPONED – At the Rippey Sesquicentennial meeting held Sunday, May 3, it was determined to POSTPONE the Sesquicentennial event to Saturday, June 5, 2021.

Zoom birthday celeberation – Dale Hanaman celebrated his 75th birthday on May 1 via Zoom on the computer. Friends and family from across the country shared the milestone in Dale’s life.

Sharon McBlain and Nancy Hanaman planned the event, a new venture for the sister planning team. Introductions were made and stories were shared about Dale to entertain and amuse. Those who “attended” the party watched as Dale blew out the candles on his cake and had to imagine him eating a piece of chocolate cake.

Those attending the celebration included: Sarah Hanaman, Elizabeth and Andrea; Matthew and Heather Hanaman, Adrianna and Adyara; Peter and Ann Hamon from Wisconsin; Sharon and Phil McBlain, Connecticut; Kristina Beckley, Claire and Anne, Massachusetts; Marinanne Klocksiem and Jim Purvis, Georgia; Sydney and Nemo Bardurian, Alex Bardole, Kreg Bardole, Washington; and from Iowa, Scott Bardole, John and Dena Bardole, and Angela and Jason Abbas.

Arizona Musings – The wonders of technology never cease to amaze this old lady. The teachers of our world have had to change in an instant, it seems, the way they complete the school year with their students. The parents, who have had to learn way more about the computer world than they ever thought they would need to, have become more engaged in the day to day schooling of their children.

I remember the time when the report cards came out every six weeks. There were no teacher’s conferences to my knowledge, and certainly my folks weren’t involved together in the day to day activities of school work, although my mom tried her best when she was alerted of a problem, especially in arithmetic, as math was called way back then. If they would have, I’m certain my school days wouldn’t have been so stressful when the dreaded report card was coming out.

We had to take them home to be signed and brought back to the teacher. I have all of mine, in their little manila envelopes, signed by my mom and the teacher with her comments. I should have been held back in third grade. That teacher recognized my “trouble spots!” I still have flashbacks when I have to use simple math and have to find a calculator, just to make sure my answer is correct.

I have always admired teachers and the enormous influence they have with our children. Kuddos to them, as well as the parents who have had to step up during this unusual time in our lives.

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