Letter to the editor – Ted Herrick in support of Sean Sebourn

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, March 3rd, the city of Jefferson will hold a special election to fill a city council vacancy created when Matt Gordon was elected mayor last November.

There is no doubt about it; we are very lucky to have the candidates we do. All of the folks who have expressed interest in this position would do a fine job if elected. However, I would like to bring one candidate in particular to the attention of the electorate. I believe that Sean Sebourn would make a very good addition to our city council.

Sean and his wife built a business and established their family right here in Jefferson. He understands that both frugality and investment in our community are necessary ingredients in any successful enterprise. This is true for small businesses and city government.

It is important that a public servant is a good listener and maintains an open mind. In this respect, Sean is one of the best. Sean is very civic-minded and is active in several community organizations and desperately wants to see our town prosper and grow. I will be casting my ballot for Sean Sebourn and I would encourage everyone else who shares these goals to do the same.


Ted Herrick – Jefferson, IA

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