Marc Daniels – Impeach our attitudes

Marc Daniels  | GCNO photo, 2016

Editor’s note – Marc Daniels of Springfield, IL, has driven to Jefferson three times to listen to and challenge presidential candidates. He heard Republican candidates Gov Chris Christy and Dr Ben Carson speak during the lead up to the 2016 caucus. He was in Jefferson again last May to hear Democrat Eric Swalwell speak. (Swalwell has since suspended his campaign for the presidential nomination.) Click here for a 2016 GCNO post about Daniels.

Daniels reached out to GCNO publisher Tori Riley earlier this week to remind her of his May visit, saying his conversation with Swalwell has particular relevance as the House of Representatives holds impeachment hearings. He sent the following comments for GCNO readers.


Out of all of the events that I have participated in this campaign season, I hold a special place in my heart for Congressman Eric Swalwell on May 4.

During the event I gave him a custom embroidered Trump Impeachment Break the Glass pouch with a small lead crystal vase inside it. He was familiar with the Jewish wedding ritual custom of the groom smashing glass. He attempted to smash it three times without success.

I apologized for putting such a tough glass vase inside and then proceeded to discuss the concept. Impeachment is not necessarily a bad thing. It is gives us an opportunity to smash down political decay and then harken Abraham Lincoln’s better angels to heal and unite the soul of our country. The following morning, I called his assistant, Eddi Alvarez, who told me Eric got so angry at the vase he smashed it to smithereens that same evening at his hotel.

Later on, I had printed up a few yarmulkes to give him, but he quit the race before I had a chance to give them to him.

Why I am writing you today:

Jefferson, IA plays a key role in providing a slice of life picture as to how people view candidates. In my experience, your citizens are very polite, pose thought out questions on their minds, and listen to the answers.

This week, the testimony is polarizing the country more than at any time since Watergate. It’s time for all of us to take pause, impeach our attitudes for a moment and give a private prayer for healing the country.

Thank you for your consideration.

Marc Daniels, Springfield, IL

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