A Day to Celebrate: 4-H Awards Day

A group of more 50 people attended the annual Greene County 4-H Awards Ceremony Sunday at the Churdan library to see Greene County 4-H members, as well as 4-H volunteers and financial sponsors, recognized. Record books submitted by 4-H members were judged by volunteers who decided on the final awards, recognizing outstanding record books and excellence in project work over the past year.

“The Awards Ceremony is the final process of the 2018-2019- 4-H year,” said Kayla Willms, county youth & 4-H coordinator for Greene County Extension. “We couldn’t have done it without the over twenty volunteers that evaluated record books and the youth development committee for assisting in the planning of the day. It is an afternoon filled with fun and we enjoy recognizing the hard work youth put into their 4-H projects throughout the year,” Willms said.

A total of 37 4-H members submitted a record book for the 2018-2019 4-H year. Eighteen volunteers and community supports were recognized at the event.

Junior 4-H members recognized for completing record books:

Record Keeping Recognition
Becca Anderson, Elise Badger, Aden Bardole, Autumn Barrett, Ely Booth, Daniel Cerveny, Kayla Frederick, Patrick Graham, William Graham, Kaitlin Halterman, Adam Hooper, Ethan Hooper, Naphtali Hoyt, Nehemiah Hoyt, Kaleah Messer, Dakota Ostrander, Joel Schroeder  and Jake Wolterman

Outstanding Junior Record Keeping: Adam Hooper
Honorable Mention Junior Record Keeping: Becca Anderson and  Elise Badger

Junior Spark Award: Treynor Cose

Participation awards: Excellence – Becca Anderson, Elise Badger, Autumn Barrett, Eli Booth, Daniel Cerveny, Kayla Frederick, Patrick Graham, Kaitlyn Halterman, Adam Hooper, Ethan Hooper, Dakota Ostrander and Jake Wolterman.
Merit – Aden Bardole, William Graham, Naphtali Hoyt, Nehemiah Hoyt and Kaleah Messer.

Project Awards
• Becca Anderson- Sheep & Visual Arts
• Elise Badger- Sheep
• Aden Bardole- Food & Nutrition, Photography and Sheep
• Kayla Frederick- Horse
• Adam Hooper- Food & Nutrition
• Naphtali Hoyt- Sheep
• Kaleah Messer- Personal Development, Sewing & Needle Arts and Visual Arts

Juniors recognized are (from left) Becca Anderson, Elise Badger, Kayla Frederick, Treynor Cose and Aden Bardole

Intermediate 4-H members recognized for completing record books:

Record Keeping Recognition: Bailey Anderson, Carson Cerveny, Grace Curtis, Ethan Frederick, Sadie Gilbertson, Emma Halterman, Grace Hardaway, Ilse Hooper, Elias Messer, Amie Schroeder, Cody Stephenson and  Autumn Stevens

Outstanding Intermediate Record Keeping: Grace Curtis & Cody Stephenson
Honorable Mention Junior Record Keeping: Bailey Anderson and Ethan Frederick

Intermediate Flame Award: Brayton Crouse
Outstanding Intermediate Award: Bailey Anderson

Participation awards: Excellence – Bailey Anderson, Carson Cerveny, Grace Curtis, Ethan Frederick, Sadie Gilbertson, Emma Halterman, Grace Hardaway, Cody Stephenson and Autumn Stevens.
Merit – Ilse Hooper and Elias Messer.

Project Awards
• Bailey Anderson- Goats, Photography and Sheep
• Grace Curtis- Food & Nutrition
• Ethan Frederick- Beef
• Sadie Gilbertson- Photography
• Grace Hardaway- Dog, Family & Consumer Sciences, Horse, Photography and Sheep
• Ilse Hooper- Communications
• Elias Messer- Visual Arts and Woodworking
• Cody Stephenson- Poultry and Sheep

Intermediates recognized are (from left) Bailey Anderson, Ethan Frederick,and Grace Curtis

Senior 4-H members recognized for completing record books:

Record Keeping Recognition: Conner Allender, Hannah Curtis, Caden Etherton, Ashlyn Frederick, Brian Hardaway, Noble Hoyt and Dalton Ostrander

Outstanding Senior Record Keeping: Hannah Curtis  and Ashlyn Frederick
Honorable Mention Senior Record Keeping: Caden Etherton

Stellar Senior Award: Madison Brincks

Participation awards: Excellence – Hannah Curtis, Ashlyn Frederick and Caden Etherton.
Merit – Brian Hardaway and Noble Hoyt.

Project Awards
• Conner Allender- Dog, Home Improvement and Horse
• Hannah Curtis- Sewing & Needle Arts
• Caden Etherton- Woodworking
• Brian Hardaway- Family & Consumer Sciences
• Noble Hoyt- Sheep

Major Life Skills Awards
• Achievement: Caden Etherton
• AK-SAR-BEN: Ashlyn Frederick
• Overall Merit: Brian Hardaway
• Overall Citizenship: Brian Hardaway
• Overall Leadership: Ashlyn Frederick
• Overall Record Keeping: Hannah Curtis
• We Challenge You: Hannah Curtis

Seniors recognized are (from left) Ashlyn Frederick, Hannah Curtis, Noble Hoyt, Caden Etherton, and Madison Brincks

Adult Awards

• Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame: Dawn Rudolph
• 4-H Alumni: Conner Juergensen, Cale Juergensen and Alyssa Juergensen
• Honorary 4-H: Mac Adamson
• Friend of 4-H: Greene County Corn Growers
• Meritorious Service: Gene Hicks

Award of the Clover – Five Years, Mary Jo Carey, Lindsey Cose, Ben nGannon, Stephanie Hall, Kristen Heupel, Wendy Pittman and Jenny Wessling. Ten years, Julie Larson. Fifteen years, Dave Wolf. Thirty years, Linda Hedges and Steve Karber.

Adults recognized are (from left) Jenny Wessling, Dawn Rudolph, Gene Hicks, Wendy Pittman and Lindsey Cose

Other Awards and Contest Winners
• Refer a New Member to 4-H Contest: Parker Fitzpatrick
• Wear Your 4-H Shirt Contest: Lucy VanderLinden
• National 4-H Week Window Decorating Contest: Greenbrier 4-H Club
• 2019 Herdsmanship Award: Greenbrier 4-H Club

Greenbrier (from left) Bailey Anderson, Nehemiah Hoyt, Noble Hoyt, Caden Etherton, Aden Bardole and Becca Anderson
Clover Kids recognized are (from left) Jerzee McDonald, Braylee Cose, Briella McDonald, Karli Rudolph and Nora Hoyt

For more information about Greene County Extension, including other 4-H and youth development programming, visit www.extension.iastate.edu/greene.

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