GrCo voters approve new Revenue Purpose Statement

Only 312 voters cast ballots in the Greene County Schools special election Tuesday – just 5.71 percent of eligible voters, but those voters approved Proposition A by a wide margin.
The vote was 242 in favor (77.56 percent) and 70 against (22.44 percent) a Revenue Purpose Statement for the district’s revenue from the 1-cent SAVE (Secure an Advanced Vision for Education) sales tax. There was one undervote.

Approval of the Revenue Purpose Statement enables the district to borrow against anticipated SAVE revenue through 2050. That will allow the repurposing of the current high school as a middle school to be a more complete project than what was included in the April 2018 school bond referendum.

The project at the time the referendum was passed included $1.5 million for the repurposing. With the approval of the Revenue Purpose Statement, the district will borrow another $3 million against anticipated SAVE revenue.

The new Revenue Purpose Statement does not change how the district uses SAVE revenue. The current RPS was set to expire in 2029, limiting the among of money that could be borrowed against it. Tuesday’s vote moves the sunset date to 2050, increasing the amount that can be borrowed against it.

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