Changes in trash collection coming in Jefferson

Trash will be picked up and dumped by a mechanical arm operated from the driver’s seat. Pictured is a 95-gallon container.  | GCNO file photo

The city of Jefferson is introducing automated trash collection in early September. The new system will involve changes.

Effective Sept. 3,  garbage collection procedures will change from the current four bag or two 35-gallon can collection system and replaced with a 95-gallon container provided by the city of Jefferson to each household.

The 95-gallon containers will be delivered to residences beginning the week of Aug. 26, but the new container should not be used until garbage collection the week of Sept. 3.

Trash will be collected from residences weekly on the same schedule as now. Pickup days will remain the same to start but pickup time may change. All trash containers should be curbside by 6 am on pickup day.

The trash container may not be left curbside. Containers should be placed curbside no sooner than 12 hours prior to pick up and shall be removed from the curbside location no later than 12 hours after garbage collection.

There is no cost to residents for the container. However, the container is the property of the city of Jefferson and stays with the residence. Each container has a serial number that is associated with each address, not the resident themselves.

Customers are responsible for the replacement of lost or stolen containers at the purchase fee set by the city of Jefferson.

There is no change in the monthly charge of $10.45 for once-a-week collection of the 95-gallon container provided. Any customer wishing to have an additional container must purchase it from the city of Jefferson and will be responsible for additional monthly charges for once-per-week collection.

If a customer feels a 95-gallon container is too large, he or she may request a 65-gallon container that is also the property of the City of Jefferson; the monthly fee does not change.

According to public works director Dave Morlan, other agencies that use this system of trash collection report that although the 95-gallon container may seem quite large, it is the better option for most residents. He asks residents to try the larger container before asking for a smaller one. The larger containers are actually easy to maneuver due to their larger wheels.

The new container will hold approximately nine 13-gallon trash bags. “We ask that you keep garbage in bags, then set the bags in the container so there is no loose garbage in the containers. Loose trash in the containers may blow around when the containers are being dumped,” Morlan said.

Automated trash collection is more efficient and safer for city employees. It has also been shown to greatly reduce the number of workers compensation insurance claims, saving the city money in the long term.

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