Supes okay more hogs, needed elevator updates

~by Janice Harbaugh for GreeneCountyNewsOnline

The Greene County board of supervisors recommended approval a hog site expansion application by Alex Alliger at a public hearing during the regular board meeting on Monday, June 24. Supervisor Mick Burkett acted as chair pro tem in the absence of John Muir. Also absent was supervisor Dawn Rudolph.

The application was for the Alliger South Site, Section 3, Dawson Township. Chuck Wenthold, environmental department, reported no communications being received either for or against the application. Wenthold said he had made a visit to the site and found no issues. He reported the matrix score was 450.P Burkett also reported a site visit and said it “looked clean and organized.”

Several gallery visitors spoke in support of the Alliger site. Shane and Anna Kozal described the Alliger family as “stewards of the land.”

Supervisor Pete Bardole moved to recommend approval to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Board members who were present agreed.

In other business, the board approved FY20 funding to the various departments. A resolution to transfer FY19 departmental appropriations within Public Safety and Legal Services was approved. Satisfaction of forgivable loan documents was also discussed.

A proposal received from Schumacher Elevator to upgrade the elevator in the courthouse and the elevator in the Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower was discussed. The upgrades would bring the elevators into compliance with federal regulations required by May 2020.
Upgrades would include an emergency phone in each elevator that could be used to call Schumacher Elevator for help if needed. Schumacher would then call the appropriate assistance entity. Other upgrades would be an emergency light and bell in each elevator and gate restrictors. Restrictors would prevent passengers from opening stalled elevator doors between floors and perhaps falling into the shafts.

Cost of upgrades would be $16,023. The board estimated it would cost $100,000 to replace the two elevators. The board unanimously approved the proposal from Schumacher Elevator.

Reports were given during the board meeting by sheriff Jack Williams and Greene County Ambulance Michelle Madsen concerning law enforcement and medical services provided as a result of activity at Flack River Farm Recreation. A detailed report can be found in a separate article dated June 24, 2019.

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