Jack Bucklin explains ‘protest sign’ in parade

“Somebody’s got to do something!” That’s what I said to a friend who told me “Oh, Jack, don’t do it” after I told her what I was about to do, carry a war protest sign in the Bell Tower parade.

I was feeling it, though, feeling it especially hard when I saw the news that the US was moving a carrier group into position in the Persian Gulf and doubling down with a B52 bomber squadron moving to Qatar, a military move to put pressure on Iran.– Why? For what reason?

I’ve seen this before. At sea is an ideal situation for a clandestine “false flag” operation. The Gulf of Tonkin comes to mind. I feared and suspected a false flag incident would follow soon. A false flag incident is when there’s an aggressive action that is blamed on a prospective enemy who is innocent of the act. In this case it would be a pretext to go to war with Iran.

Just a few years ago it was common wisdom among our political leaders in Washington D.C. that war with Iran would be a very bad idea. Today that wisdom has gone the way of the political scandal.

Since the Bell Tower parade I’ve been astonished by our governmental leaders and media pundits explaining the attacks on oil shipping activities in the Persian Gulf.
Astonishing is Secretary Pompeo who blames the attacks on Iran. Part of his evidence is that, “only Iran has the capacity to do these attacks in the Persian Gulf”. He’s totally fudging the fact that both Israel and Saudi Arabia have capacities to pull off these attacks anywhere they please.

Even more astonishing are the ex-generals and various aficionados paraded through the MSNBC studios explaining that Iran is doing these aggressions because their economy has been crippled by the sanctions imposed upon them by the US.

But tell me, does it make sense that Iran would attack its own shipping lanes and a crucial part of its oil industry? Would Iran attack one of its biggest trading partner’s ship? Would it attack that trading partner, Japan, while the president of Japan is in Teheran meeting with the President of Iran?

The whole world knows that these attacks on Iranian shipping lanes and on Iran’s most important industry are not being done by Iran, but these are false flag attacks with the aim of drawing the US into a hot shooting war with Iran. It’s not fooling anybody but a sleepy, apathetic and tuned out American public and a not so much engaged American leadership.

Don’t be fooled by what our leaders in Washington and the media are saying about Iran. There is no reason for going to war with Iran!

Jack Bucklin, Cooper

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