Greene County Class of 2019 scholarships, awards told

The Greene County Class of 2019 is the first class that can boast that every student received a scholarship. Greene County Foundational Scholarships in the amount of $500 were awarded to every graduating senior, regardless of his or her future plans.

The scholarships represent the interest drawn from a bequest of more than $900,000 from the estate of Floyd Dunlop and most of the funds from a $600,000 bequest from Halycon Dixon.

The Greene County board of education approved the scholarships in February.
Other scholarships and awards were presented at the annual Senior Awards Night held Tuesday, March 21.

Thirteen seniors received larger scholarships from the Greene County Schools Educational Foundation as has been done in recent years. Receiving those scholarships were Jordan Aubrey, Arthur Bardole, Gina Brown, Austin Delp, Melanie Doran, Brianna Ferguson, Trey Hinote, Bryce Hoyle, Naomi Long, Bailey Monthei, Brock Wuebker and Morrgan Zmolek.

Students were honored for performing and documenting community service during their high school years. Students earning recognition performed 200 hours of community service with a minimum of 45 hours each year. Receiving green cords for volunteerism were Arthur Bardole, Allison Dudley, Lacey Ganoe, Kara Reed and Claire Teusch.

Recipients of the Seal of Biliteracy in its first year are Arthur Bardole, Demir Bulut, Britney Daniels, Kara Reed, Sydney Roberts, Claire Teusch and Morrgan Zmolek. The Seal of Biliteracy recognizes students who have attained proficiency in two or more languages, one of which is English. It was established as part of Senate File 475, adopted by the 2018 legislature.

LifeServe Blood Center recognized Lacey Ganoe, Crawford Pettersen and Skylar Spaulding as frequent blood donors.

The Heart of Iowa Activities Conference presented medals to student athletes who met a minimum grade point average. Receiving the medals were Kara Reed, David Richter and Emma Schroeder.

Trey Hinote received the Bernie Saggau Award. Melanie Doran and Bryce Hoyle were named Female and Male Ram of the Year, respectively.

The Greene County Bar Association presented the Iowa Bar Association’s American Citizenship Award to Trey Hinote and Morrgan Zmolek.

Scholarships were presented as follows:
2018 SkillsUSA NECI scholarship – Robert Lenchanko
Beaty Scholarship – Jordan Davis
Ben Carman Memorial Scholarship – Colby Aspengren
Beta Tau Delta scholarship – Jordan Aubrey, Justin Geisler and Serenity Owens
Betty Jo Callaway Scholarship – Jordan Aubrey, Arthur Bardole, Austin Delp, Melanie Doran, Brianna Ferguson, Bryce Hoyle, Linsey Kitt, Bailey Monthei, David Richter and Brock Wuebker
Brigham Young Academic Merit scholarship – Claire Teusch
DAR Award – Morrgan Zmolek
Des Moines Register Academic All State – Claire Teusch
Des Moines Area Community College Mark Pearson FFA Leadership scholarship – Kara Reed
Dordt University Activity, Collegiate and Defender Gold Club Scholarships – Trey Hinote
Earl Wilson Scholarships – Arthur Bardole, Melanie Doran, Bryce Hoyle, Linsey Kitt
Ellsworth Community College Robert & Arlene Hamilton Excellence in Agriculture – Gina Brown
Ernest Prehm Scholarship- Brittany Daniel, Brock Wuebker
Fern Olive Scholarship – Brittany Daniel, Serenity Owens
Floyd W. Brown, American Legion Post #11 scholarship – Emma Schroeder
Frank Linduska Memorial Scholarship – Brianna Ferguson
Fred Blackmer Memorial Scholarship – Matt Saddoris
Future Cyclone Leader – Emma Schroeder, Brock Wuebker
Gose Farms Agricultural Studies scholarship – Gina Brown
Governor’s Scholar recognition – Linsey Kitt
Graceland university Iowa Scholars, orchestra, and trustees merit scholarships – Naomi Long
Grand Junction fire and rescue scholarship – Kylie Angell
Grand Junction Lions Club scholarship – Kylie Angell, Jordan Davis
Greene County 4-H Foundation scholarship – Arthur Bardole, Kara Reed
Greene County Activity Boosters scholarship – Kara Reed, Brock Wuebker
Greene County Cattlemen scholarship – Arthur Bardole, Gina Brown, Melanie Doran, Bryce Hoyle, Kara Reed, Emma Schroeder, Brock Wuebker
Greene County Education Association scholarship – Arthur Bardole, Gina Brown
Greene County Schools- Lenita Jordan Carstens Scholarship – Kylie Angell
Greene County Schools Foundation – anonymous donor – Serenity Owens
Hazel Brown Zachar PEO scholarship – Linsey Kitt, Naomi Long, Morrgan Zmolek
Historic Cooper school district – Joseph Anderson, Linsey Kitt, Kara Reed
Home State Bank – Jordan Aubrey, Trey Hinote
Iowa Newspaper Association Robert K. and Evelyn M. Reiste Memorial Scholarship – Morrgan Zmolek
Iowa Central Community College Academic Room, Foundation Academic and Student Merit scholarships – Brianna Ferguson
Iowa State University Agriculture and Life Science scholarship – Arthur Bardole
ISU Liberal Arts and Sciences Deans’ Academic Excellence, Excellence and Loyal Scholar scholarships – Linsey Kitt
Jack Finneseth Volunteerism scholarship – Gina Brown
Jefferson Does #196 scholarship – Jordan Aubrey, Kolton Showers
Jefferson Lions Club scholarship – Austin Delp, Kara Reed, Matt Saddoris
Rotary Club of Jefferson scholarship –Arthur Bardole, Samantha Behne, Melanie Doran, Kara Reed
Jefferson Telecom vocational scholarship – Joseph Anderson, Colby Aspengren, Kolton Showers
Jefferson Telecom scholarship – Kara Reed, Claire Teusch
Karen Younie Memorial Scholarship – Jordan Davis, Naomi Long
Kathy Hankel Memorial Scholarship – Naomi Long
Kevin Wills Memorial Scholarship – Jaislynn Happe
Kiwanis Club of Jefferson scholarship – Janelle Brophy, Brianna Ferguson, William Funcke, Justin Geisler
Kiwanis Foje Family Scholarship – Kylie Angell
Kiwanis John Meyer Memorial Scholarship – Jordan Davis
Logan Scheuermann Memorial Scholarship – Joseph Anderson, Bryce Hoyle
Miami University RedHawk Excellence scholarship – Arthur Bardole
Morningstar Masonic Lodge scholarship – Joseph Anderson, Catelyne Davis, Austin Delp, Will Funcke, Justin Geisler, Robert Lenchanko, Serenity Owens, David Richter
Pat Fields Memorial Scholarship – Arthur Bardole, Melanie Doran, Bryce Hoyle, Linsey Kitt, Kara Reed, Emma Schroeder, Brock Wuebker
Peoples Bank scholarship – Clint Dennhardt, Melanie Doran, Lacey Ganoe, Kara Reed, Matt Saddoris
R.H. Maloney scholarship – Lacey Ganoe
Roger Nailor Memorial Scholarship – Serenity Owens
RV Powersports Mancave/Garage Tour automotive scholarship – Brock Badger
Sharon Towers Memorial Scholarship – Kara Reed
Student Council scholarship – Melanie Doran
Culinary Institute of America Certificate of Merit – Robert Lenchanko
UNI Scholar and UNI T.E.D. Award – David Richter
University of Northern Iowa scholarship – Bailey Monthei, David Richter
Viola Vorhies Nia Scholarship – Naomi Long
Warren Raney Memorial Scholarship – Morrgan Zmolek

In past years, gold cords were presented at the Awards Night. They were not presented until immediately before commencement this year so that third trimester grades would be included in the required grade point average.

Additionally, the board of education increased the required grade point average to receive a gold cord from 3.0 to 3.5. That decreased the percentage of students receiving the recognition from about 75 percent to less than 20 percent.

Students who received gold cords were Arthur Bardole, Samantha Behne, Gina Brown, Brittney Daniel, Melanie Doran, Bryce Hoyle, Linsey Kitt, Naomi Long, Bailey Monthei, Kara Reed, David Richter, Sydney Roberts, Emma Schroeder, Lauren Swain, Claire Teusch, Brock Wuebker and Morrgan Zmolek.

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