Tree Tracings

The regular meeting of the Greene County Genealogical Society will be on April 6 at 10 am in the meeting room of the Jefferson Public Library. Everyone is welcome and we are handicapped accessible. Shirley Ross will have the program on what can be found at county courthouses.

Have you ever driven through a cemetery and wondered at the ornate carvings on the gravestones? On older gravestones there is meanings for their appearance.
Angel—symbol of heaven
Rosebud—the morning of life
Oak leaves and acorns—maturity, ripe old age
Weeping willow—sorrow
Broken ring—family circle severed
Interlocking rings—marriage
Broken column—loss of head of family
Full blown rose—prime of life
Tree stump entwined with ivy—head of family, immortality
Urn draped with crepe—mourning

Next time you are in a cemetery take a look and you might be surprised at all you will find.

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