Drama on farmland transfer Saturday in Jefferson

Commissioned by Practical Farmers of Iowa, hosted by PFI and Center for Rural Affairs

Who’s going to get the farm? And what are they going to do with it? Will your future plans for your land create harmony or strife for your family? Or have you even started to think that far ahead?

“Map of My Kingdom,” a play focusing on farmland transfer, will be presented Saturday, March 9, at 7 pm at History Boy Theatre, 115 S Wilson Avenue, Jefferson. Admission is free, hosted by the Center for Rural Affairs and Practical Farmers of Iowa.

The drama tackling land transition is by Mary Swander, commissioned by Practical Farmers of Iowa. In the play, a lawyer and mediator share stories of how farmers and landowners approach land successions.

“We hope this play will inspire the hesitant and the fearful to start the conversation that cannot wait,” said Sandra Renner, project associate with the Center for Rural Affairs. “In the next 10 to 15 years, a tremendous amount of land transfer will take place as the average age of Iowa farmers is around 57.1 years old.”

The featured actor is Erika Kuhn. An open discussion will follow the performance with playwright Mary Swander.

Additional “Map of My Kingdom” performances in Iowa, co-hosted by the Practical Farmers of Iowa, are set in Ames on March 10, Okoboji on April 11, and Waterloo on April 13.  ~courtesy of The Scranton Journal

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