Police blotter

Following are excerpts of activities reported by the Jefferson police department: 

Thursday, Jan.17: At 3:33 pm an officer investigated a two-vehicle property damage accident in the 100 block of N. Elm St. Phyllis Staebler of Jefferson was southbound in the outside lane and attempted to merge to the inside lane. She struck a vehicle driven by Alexis Hooper of Grand Junction, who was southbound in the inside lane. Staebler was cited for failure to maintain control. Damage to her 2003 Pontiac Bonneville was estimated at $5,000. Damage to Hooper’s 2010 Ford Econoline van was also estimated at $5,000.
At 2:54 pm two JPD officers assisted the Greene County sheriff’s office with the execution of an arrest warrant and the arrest of Rodney Halterman at 1028 130th St in Churdan. At 4:06 pm an officer investigated a two-vehicle property damage accident at the intersection of N. Maple and W. Clark Sts. Justin Geisler of Scranton was northbound on Maple St driving a 1993 Chevy S-10 pickup truck. Debra Taggart of Scranton was eastbound on Clark St driving her 2017 Ford Escape. The vehicles collided in the intersection. Taggart was cited for failure to yield to the vehicle on the right. Damage to her vehicle was estimated at $15,000. Damage to Geisler’s vehicle was estimated at $10,000.

Wednesday, Jan. 16: At 1:53 pm an officer investigated a backing accident in the parking lot at Greene County High School. Kadrick Kinne attempted to back a 2012 Dodge Charger out of a parking space but struck a parked 2015 Chevrolet Cruze owned by Shawn Angell of Grand Junction. Damage to the Dodge Charger, which is owned by Kyle Kinne of Jefferson, was estimated at $1,000. Damage to Angell’s vehicle was estimated at $2,000. No citation was issued, as the accident occurred on private property. At 8:32 pm during a traffic stop at the intersection of Highways 4 and 30 an officer learned a passenger in the vehicle was wanted on a Boone County arrest warrant. Brittany Ann Neal, 24, of Churdan was arrested for violation of a court order*.

Tuesday, Jan. 15: Routine activity reported.

Monday, Jan. 14: At 9:04 am staff at Greene County Middle School advised of a student who they believed possessed marijuana at the school. The officers made contact with the 13-year-old male and a parent. The officers were given consent by the boy’s parent to perform a consent search on the juvenile and his locker. The officers recovered a small bud of marijuana from the locker. It is expected a charge against the student of possession of marijuana- first offense (serious misdemeanor) will be sent to juvenile court. At 10:45 am officers assisted the medical examiner with a death investigation in the1000 block of W. Adams St. At 12:05 pm officers investigated a hit-and-run accident in the high school parking lot. A parked 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix owned by Marty McDonald of Scranton was struck, with damage estimated at $1,000. The officer is investigating to identify the other vehicle involved.

Sunday, Jan. 13: At 2:13 pm an officer responded to the 800 block of W. Mahlon St for a dog running loose. At 11:18 pm an officer responded to a residence in the 600 block of S. Oak St for a possible trespasser who was knocking on the door of the residence. The officer determined it was deer walking on the porch of the residence causing the noise.

Saturday, Jan. 12: At 10:05 am a complainant reported finding stolen property at her residence in the 500 block of E. Monroe St. She located a washer and dryer as well as sofa that were owned by Aaron’s Rent to Own in Shawnee, OK. An officer is investigating. At 12:10 pm an officer arrested Ryan Brown of Jefferson on outstanding Greene County arrest warrants for failure to pay child support*. At 12:11 pm an officer responded to Sparky’s One Stop for a possible counterfeit $100 bill.

Friday, Jan. 11: At 11:02 am an officer responded to the 500 block of S. Cedar St for a loose dog. At 3:16 pm an officer responded to the 200 block of Locust St for a loose dog. At 4:27 pm an officer responded to Greene County Community Center for a possible assault occurring. The officer found there were issues. At 5:06 pm staff at Morton Buildings reported the theft of a laser level valued at $640. An officer is investigating.

Thursday, Jan. 10: Routine activity reported.

Wednesday, Jan. 9: At 4:27 pm an officer met with a parent and juvenile female at the LEC and took a sex abuse complaint from them. The officer has begun an investigation into the report. ***** Arrest warrants have been requested for Cayleb Anthony Walker, 25, of Coon Rapids for assault- simple and assault causing injury (serious misdemeanor)*. The warrants stem from a reported incident on 12/22/2018, in which two females reported being assaulted by Walker in the 400 block of N. Vine St.  ***** An arrest warrant was issued for Jessica Ann Marie Kelton, 20, of Jefferson for possession of marijuana- second offense (serious misdemeanor)*. The warrant was requested after positive lab results on items seized during a traffic stop on 11/22/2018. The officer smelled marijuana during the stop and recovered items for testing during a probable cause search of the vehicle. ***** Arrest warrants were issued for Daniel Joseph Tasler, 27, of Jefferson for unlawful possession of prescription drug, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance- prescription medication (all serious misdemeanors) and possession of drug paraphernalia (simple misdemeanor)*. The charges come from items seized during a traffic stop on 12/16/2018. The officer conducted a probable cause search of Tasler’s vehicle during the stop after seeing paraphernalia in “plain sight.”

Tuesday, Jan. 8: At 2:25 pm staff at Morton Buildings reported the theft of a miter box and stand from the business. The saw was located a short time later outside the business, near the building. It appears it was placed outside to be picked up later by an unknown suspect. The officer is investigating the event.
At 5:20 pm a Greene County Community School bus driver reported a school bus violation. The bus was stopped, with the warning lights activated, and passed by a vehicle at about 3:30 pm on S. Chestnut St near Harding Road. The violation advised of a vehicle and driver description, along with a plate number. The driver was cited for unlawful passing of a school bus. ***** An officer completed the investigation of a burglary to a residence in the 300 block of N. Chestnut St reported on 12/14. Coins, Jewelry, and unwritten personal checks were reported missing from the residence. A suspect was developed from business surveillance video of a male passing the checks at businesses in Jefferson, Scranton, and Carroll. A search warrant was executed at 112 North Street in Bayard on 01/04/2019. Items were located and taken into evidence at the residence. The officer has requested arrest warrants for Shane Joe Spaulding, 39, of Bayard for burglary- third degree (Class D felony),theft- second degree (D felony), 11 counts of forgery (D felony) and ongoing criminal conduct (B felony)*.

Monday, Jan. 7: At 3:35 pm an officer investigated a two-vehicle property damage accident at N. Oak and W. Washington Sts. Roberta McDaniel of Jefferson was eastbound on Washington driving her 2012 Hyundai Sonata. Lisa Rehm of Templeton was southbound on Oak driving her 2002 Oldsmobile Alero. Rehm was cited for failure to yield to the vehicle on the right. Damage to each vehicle was estimated at $2,000. At 4:37 pm a complainant advised he had caught a stray dog near N. Elm and W. State Sts. The officer placed the dog in the animal holding facility.

Sunday, Jan. 6: At 10:14 am an officer was running stationary radar in the 800 block of E. Lincoln Way when a driver approached him and stopped. The officer knew the male driver from a traffic stop two hours earlier. The officer had learned after the previous stop that there was an outstanding Greene County arrest warrant for the male. George Joseph Glasgow, 47, of Grand Junction was arrested for the probation violation arrest warrant*. He had been cited in the earlier traffic stop for excessive speed, driving while suspended, failure to provide proof of financial liability and operation without registration. At 2:35 pm staff at Casey’s General Store advised a male had attempted to pass a counterfeit $100 bill. The officer has developed a suspect and is investigating the event.

Saturday, Jan. 5: At 11:33 am a resident brought to the LEC a stray dog she had located running freely in Jefferson. The animal was placed in the animal holding facility. At 6:15 pm a complainant advised of a stray dog he caught in the 1300 block of Riverside Drive. The officer placed the animal in the animal holding facility. At 6:35 pm an officer, along with several residents, heard a loud explosion near Grimmell Rd and W. Russell St. The officer could not locate the source of the sound. At 8:03 pm an officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle that had no registration plates at W. Central Ave and Grimmel Rd. The officer’s investigation led to the arrest of Keenan Lee Olson, 20, of Coon Rapids for carrying weapons (aggravated misdemeanor) and possession of alcohol under age – second offense*. He was also cited for driving while suspended, operation without registration, and failure to provide proof of financial liability.

Friday, Jan. 4: At 10:26 am Jefferson PD officers were assisted by Greene and Guthrie County deputies in the execution of a search warrant at 112 North St in Bayard. The warrant comes from an investigation of a burglary and stolen items, along with stolen checks from a Jefferson residence. The crime was reported to JPD on 12/14/2018. Several checks were forged and used in business in Greene and Carroll Counties. Charges are pending the end of the investigation. At 11:01 am staff at Greene County Medical Center ER reported a child there with a dog bite. The officer arrived and learned the youngster had reached over a fence to pet the animal when the animal bit him. The animal is current on vaccinations did not violate any Jefferson animal ordinances.

Thursday, Jan. 3: At 12:22 am staff at Wild Rose Casino requested an officer at for an intoxicated male refusing to leave and fighting with employees. The officer arrived and learned the male had left in a vehicle and gone east on Highway 30. The officer and a deputy located the vehicle at Sparky’s One Stop and spoke to the male driver inside the business. The officer’s investigation led to the arrest of Michael Allen Olson, 57, of Jefferson for operating while intoxicated- first offense (serious misdemeanor) and disorderly conduct (simple misdemeanor)*. At 7 am an officer began investigating a sex abuse involving a child. At 3:21 pm staff at Home State Bank advised of locating a counterfeit $100 bill in a business deposit. The information was forwarded to the US Secret Service.***** An arrest warrant has been requested for Steven Bret Wetzel, 49, of Churdan since testing was completed on items seized during a traffic stop on 12/01. Wetzel has been charged with possession of methamphetamine (serious misdemeanor)*.

Wednesday, Jan. 2: At 3:40 pm the Boone County Humane Society requested assistance from a Jefferson officer in locating a female in Jefferson. They had learned the female was selling sick puppies online. The officer checked the female’s last known Jefferson address and learned she moved to Boone three months ago. The information was passed back to the caller. At 10:54 pm a complainant reported two dogs left unattended in a vehicle at Wild Rose Casino. She was concerned the animals were too cold. The officer made contact with the animals’ owners inside and they elected to take the dogs home.

Tuesday, Jan. 1: At 6:30 pm a resident turned in a box of ammunition reloading supplies he had found in the roadway in the 100 block of W. Washington St. The owner can claim the items at the LEC.

*Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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