Silicon Valley visit draws national attention

Kevin Scott, Microsoft CTO, at History Boy Theatre Dec. 8, 2018

The December event with Silicon Valley guests of Pillar Technology in Jefferson has gained the attention of local, state and national media. Numerous articles have been written with many available online.

Jefferson Matters: Main Street has noted the articles as they have been published and has provided links to these articles on its website. To access the links, go to under the About tab and click on the page entitled “Pillar Technology brings Silicon Valley to Jefferson, IA – media links”. Direct link:

Jefferson Telecom video-taped the speeches presented at History Boy Theatre on Dec. 8 and has made that available to the public as a YouTube video. The video has been broadcast on the local Channel 9 station for several weeks and will continue. It lasts about 90 minutes, but is a great way to hear directly from the speakers about their interest in bringing technology jobs to Jefferson and rural America.

This YouTube video is also listed on the Jefferson Matters: Main Street website with the other links to articles. The title of the video is “Silicon Valley Meets Rural Iowa – Jefferson, Iowa 2018”. Direct link:

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