Police blotter

Following are excerpts of activities reported by the Jefferson police department:

Thursday, Dec. 13: At 3:24 pm an officer investigated a single vehicle property damage accident at Greene County Medical Center. Janet Meiners of Jefferson had parked her 2017 Subaru Forester facing south in the main parking lot. Meiners’ vehicle lunged forward, through the short block retaining wall, and off the edge of the parking lot. The vehicle came to rest on the sidewalk below the lot. Damage to the vehicle was estimated at $5,000. Damage to the retaining wall was estimated at $2,000.

***** Two local businesses reported receiving the “Bomb Threat” e-mail. The e-mail was circulated across the nation and Iowa yesterday to numerous business. It advises a bomb has been placed in your business and it will be set off unless you pay $20,000 to the sender. No loss was incurred by local businesses. ***** An officer has requested an arrest warrant for Tyler James Smits, 26, of Jefferson for domestic abuse assault -serious*. The request comes from a reported domestic assault on 11/24 at a residence in the 300 block of W. Reed St.

Wednesday, Dec. 12: At 1:58 am an officer performed a traffic stop in the 300 block of N. Oak St with a speeding vehicle that failed to obey the yield sign on N. Oak at W. State St. The officer’s investigation led to the arrest of Renae Baugh, 36, of Jefferson for operating while intoxicated- second offense (aggravated misdemeanor)*. She was also cited for excessive speed and failure to obey a yield sign. At 9:27 pm a complainant reported that a male and female came to her residence at in the 600 block of Rushview Dr at about 2 pm. The two advised they were selling cheaper health insurance options. During the conversation the two were given some personal information by the complainant. They advised they would have to call her back at a later time to talk further and left. The couple were driving a dark colored SUV.

Tuesday, Dec. 11: At 12:45 am staff at Sparky’s requested officers there for a customer with multiple knives in his hands and not making sense. The officer and a deputy arrived and located the male behind the counter. He was armed with several knives and was advising that people were after him. The male dropped the knives when ordered to do so by the officer. Willie Edward Cork, 56, of Mason City was arrested for disorderly conduct*. He was later seen by Mobile Crisis Workers in the Greene County jail. At 1:50 pm a complainant reported a possible violation of a protective order which had occurred in the 300 block of N Vine St. The officer is investigating. At 8:09 pm an officer was called to A & W Family Restaurant for a hit-and-run accident. Ashley Scanlon of Jefferson had parked her 2009 Pontiac G6 in the lot. She saw a driver back into her car and then drive away. The officer was provided a license plate number for the vehicle and he made contact with Trina Ramsey of Jefferson, driver and owner of the 2018 Toyota Rav4 that had struck Scanlon’s car. Ramsey advised she didn’t know she had struck the other vehicle. Damage to Scanlon’s vehicle was estimated at $2,000. Damage to Ramsey’s vehicle was estimated at $1,000. No citation was issued as the accident occurred on private property.

Monday, Dec. 10: At 8:38 am an officer had a box truck blocking the alley in the 100 block of S. Wilson Ave towed. Officers have warned the owner numerous times he can not block the alley. The truck had sat in the alley overnight and was towed.

Sunday, Dec. 9: At 11:03 pm an officer investigated a backing accident in the 500 block of S. Locust St. Jennie Schuttler of Jefferson attempted to make a three-point turn with her 2005 Volvo XC90, but backed into a 2017 Ram 1500 owned by Wayne Shannon of Jefferson. Schuttler was cited for unsafe backing upon a highway. Each vehicle suffered a reported $1,000 in damages.

Saturday, Dec.8: At 3:03 pm officers arrested Robert Kovar, 33, of Jefferson on an outstanding Jefferson PD arrest warrant for theft- fifth degree (simple misdemeanor)*. The warrant was issued from an investigation into a shoplifting event at Casey’s General Store on 10/27. During the arrest, officers located suspected methamphetamines on Kovar’s person. The items will be tested and future charges are pending test results. At 5:30 pm a complainant reported witnessing a child abuse occur at HyVee. It was reported a father struck a child in the back of the head and the stomach. The officer is working with the business to find any video of the reported event. The investigation continues.

Friday, Dec. 7: At 3:23 pm an officer responded to a hit-and-run accident at W. Washington and N. Chestnut Sts. Arlene Hamling of Jefferson was westbound on Washington driving her 2008 Saturn Outlook. As she traveled through the intersection a northbound vehicle struck her and continued north without stopping. Hamling’s vehicle was a total loss at $8,000 in damages. A license plate was located at the scene from the other vehicle involved. The officer is working to identify the driver and gather insurance information for the other vehicle. Also at 3:28 pm, Brittany Richardson reported the same hit-and-run driver had struck a parked Chevy S-10 pickup truck owned by William Richardson of Jefferson. Damage to Richardson’s vehicle was estimated at $1,500. Grille parts at the scene are consistent with the vehicle that struck Hamling’s vehicle. The officer is investigating. At 4:35 pm a complainant reported the possible theft of a cell phone and tablet. She had loaned them to a friend; the friend refused to return them. The officer is investigating. At 5:11 pm staff at HyVee reported a Jefferson male who was trespassed from the business had gone into the Fresh and Fast fuel station. Staff requested the male be told he is not welcome at any HyVee property in Jefferson. The officer located the male and informed him. At 6:55 pm a resident requested a welfare check on a female who was mixing alcohol and prescription medications and experiencing seizures due to her intoxication level. Officers arrived and could not get the female to respond to the door. The officer contacted the county attorney and was advised to force entry into the residence to check on the female. They did so and EMS was called to the scene. The female was taken by ambulance to ER.

Thursday, Dec. 6: At 8:02 am an officer investigated a two vehicle property damage accident in the 600 block of S. Olive St. Tyler Armstrong of Jefferson was southbound driving a 1999 Ford F150 pickup truck owned by Chad Stevens of Ralston. Carol Christensen of Jefferson backed her 2015 Kia Sportage out of a residential driveway and struck the pickup truck. Christensen was cited for unsafe backing upon a highway. Damage to her car was estimated at $3,000. Damage to the pickup truck was estimated at $5,000. At 2:34 pm adults at the Webb House reported a stray dog there. The officer placed the dog in the animal holding facility. At 10:21 pm an officer assisted a deputy in searching for a stolen vehicle last seen in Grand Junction.

Wednesday, Dec. 5: Routine activity reported.

Tuesday, Dec. 4: *****A warrant has been requested for Robert Kovar, 33, of Jefferson on a charge of theft- fifth degree (simple misdemeanor)*. The warrant is in connection with a shoplifting event at Casey’s General Store on 10/27.

Monday, Dec. 3: At 5:43 pm an officer responded to a car- deer accident on S. Mulberry St just north of Graffiti Bridge. Jeff Sprague of Jefferson struck a deer. Damage to his 2006 Ford Escape was estimated at $2,000. At 10:18 pm the Boone County sheriff’s office shared information with a Jefferson officer in connection to a male subject who may be coming to Jefferson. The subject is wanted in connection to a murder in Waukee. The officer was provided with a vehicle to attempt to locate in Jefferson. The vehicle was not located by the officer.

Sunday, Dec. 2: At 12:25 am an officer checked on a motorist that had slid and wrecked his moped at N. Maple and W. Adams Sts. The male subject was uninjured and continued on his way. At 2:23 am while on patrol an officer spotted two male juveniles near S. Chestnut and Monroe St. He learned the brothers had snuck out of their residence and gone to a friend’s house. The boys’ after was contacted and the boys were cited for curfew violations. At 9:50 am Bill Hammell reported his 2015 Ford F350 pickup truck had been struck while it was parked in the 100 block of W. State St, causing damage to an outside mirror. The officer is investigating. *****Officers issued 24 citations for snow emergency parking violations during the weekend snow event.

Saturday, Dec. 1: At 12:57 am an officer performed a traffic stop with a vehicle in the 300 block of W. Central Ave that did not have plates displayed. During the stop, the officer was given consent by the owner to search the vehicle. The officer located a suspected meth pipe in the door pocket and seized it for testing. Charges are pending test results on the pipe. At 1:11 am neighbors advised of a running vehicle parked in a garage in the 700 block of S. Oak St. Officers arrived and received no response at the door. Officers entered the residence to do a welfare check and located the vehicle’s owner in bed asleep. She advised the vehicle was running to charge the battery and she forgot about it and went to bed. All was fine. At7:21 pm during a traffic stop of a speeding motorist in the 300 block of W. Clark St the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. During a probable cause search the officer located three smoking devices in the vehicle. The items were seized for testing. The driver was cited for excessive speed. Future charges are pending against the driver after testing is conducted on the seized items.

*Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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