Deputy cited after taking antlers from a car-deer accident

Greene county sheriff’s deputy Kirk Hammer has been cited for unlawful possession of whitetail deer antlers in connection with an incident Nov. 3.

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources,  a DNR conservation officer received a call from a man who came upon a scene of a woman who had hit a deer on Highway 4  between 185th and 190th Sts. north of Jefferson. The man waited for a sheriff’s deputy to arrive. Once the deputy arrived, the man asked the deputy about a salvage tag. Greene County sheriff’s deputy Kirk Hammer declined to issue him salvage tag.

According to state code, a salvage tag should be first issued to the individuals involved in the accident, and if not interested, then to any bystanders at the scene. A salvage tag was not issued.

Later in the day, the same man drove past the scene and observed Hammer in uniform near the deer cutting the antlers off it with a saw.

When DNR conservation officer Nathan Haupert questioned Hammer, he admitted to taking the antlers.  Haupert met Hammer at his home and seized the antlers.

Haupert explained to  Hammer that it is unlawful to keep the antlers without a deer tag or salvage permit and with a salvage permit the whole deer would need to be removed from the ditch, not just the antlers.

On Nov. 12, a citation was issued to Hammer for unlawful possession of whitetail deer antlers, Iowa Code section 481A.38, with a fine totaling $195

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