One party

~a column by Colleen O’Brien

It was the “Democrat” Party that sicced Hurricane Michael on you; as well as the fires in the West and the ice storm in the East over Thanksgiving. And, by the way, made climate change in general. In fact, it was the richest Dem of all, George Soros, who got rid of all the cloud cover here and there, which allowed the sun to beat down on you mercilessly this past summer.

It was the “Democrat” Party that made sure you didn’t pay attention in school when your psych teacher was drilling you on how to recognize common human behaviors like narcissism, lying, bellicosity, over-weaning pride and so forth.

It was the “Democrat” Party that made politicians like Franklin Roosevelt always try to fix things like unequal schools, low wages, poor health care, bad insurance companies, poverty in old age – all those things that are personal problems, not the country’s.

It was the “Democrat” Party that made the Republicans greedy for all votes and forced them to gerrymander so they could get them.

It was the “Democrat” Party always giving away things to the poor that forced so many of those bought politicians to pass a law – finally – to give away things to the wealthy: the tax break they’ve been needing since 1952.

It was the “Democrat” Party that kept harping about bank regulation that created the Bank Bust of 2008 because banks were just about sick and tired of anyone telling them what to do, so they just rebelled, as is an American right – doing what you damned well please.

It was the “Democrat” Party responsible for all the gun deaths in this country that owns nearly half (48 percent) of all the guns in the world because the NRA says it’s our Second Amendment right.

And it was without a doubt the “Democrat” Party that made the rather bulky DJT rise to the top like a bubble in a pot of boiling potatoes.

Let’s just get it over with and make this a one-party nation. Then half the country won’t have to be dissed every day by its leader. And anything that goes wrong will be only one person’s fault.

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