Update: Recount in treasurer’s race

The recount of votes for Greene County treasurer will begin Monday at 10 am. Republican Sean Sebourn and Democrat Chris Henning had not yet agreed on the third person to work on the recount as of mid-afternoon Friday. Henning said they hope to have the recount finished by mid-day Tuesday.

The recount board will go through the ballots precinct by precinct, counting and specifically watching for ballots that may have been marked in such a way as to not be counted by machine.

There were 4,133 ballots cast in the election, but only 4,055 total votes recorded for county treasurer. Of all the races, the most votes were counted for the gubernatorial race; the voting machine read 4,098 votes in that election.

Either auditor Jane Heun or deputy auditor for elections Billie Jo Hoskins must be present during the recount to assure the security of the ballots.

Heun explained that if the recount differs from the canvass done Tuesday by the board of supervisors, even if the winner doesn’t change, the supervisors will need to recanvass the vote within three days of being notified to correct the canvass.

Incumbent Democrat treasurer Donna Lawson called for the recount. As of the Nov. 13 canvass, she received 2,024 votes. Challenger Republican Katlynn Gannon/Mechaelsen received 2,026 votes. There were five write-in votes.

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