More election results: Non-partisan positions

There were several non-partisan positions on the ballot for the Nov. 6 general election. There were no contested races among them.

Township officers elected were:
• Dawson Trustee: Scott Walker 67 votes; Clerk Becki Cunningham 70 votes
• Franklin Trustee: Doug Lawton 59 votes; Clerk Carla K Offenburger 51 votes
• Grant Trustee: Peg Semke 112 votes; Clerk Marvin Rasmussen 114 votes
• Greenbrier Trustee: Brent Badger 49 votes; Clerk Judy Contner 47 votes
• Highland Trustee: John McCormick 49 votes; Clerk Marsha Subbert 66 votes
• Jackson Trustee: Joshua Hedges 107 votes; Clerk Tom Lawton 100 votes
• Junction Trustee: Wade Sohm 91 votes; Clerk Jacqueline K Gannon 106 votes
• Kendrick Trustee: Dennis Paup 82 votes; Clerk Doris White 87 votes
• Scranton Trustee: Glen Christensen 71 votes; Clerk Debra A Fey 67 votes
• Washington Trustee: Mary Ann Hick 110 votes; Clerk Jean Borgeson 115 votes
• Willow Trustee: Michael E. Carter 70 votes; Melissa D Means 69 votes

Ralph Riedesel and David Hoyt were re-elected to the Greene County Medical Center board of trustees. Hoyt counted 2,738 votes while Riedesel received 2,121.

Two Soil and Water Conservation District commissioners were elected: Bill Frederick, 2,603 votes, and Andrew Krieger, 2,426 votes.

Five members were elected to the Ag Extension Council. They were: Kyle Niles 2,268 votes; Pam Olerich 2,306; Bruce Bahnson 2,044; Jill Rasmussen 2,349, and Jessi Riley 2,225.

All the judges received positive votes in the county. ~courtesy of The Scranton Journal

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