It’s Election Day

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The general election in Greene County and across the state is slated for Tuesday, Nov. 6. While absentee voters have been casting their ballots early via mail and at the county auditor’s office, the polls will be open from 7 am to 9 pm at the following locations:

Central Precinct: Clover Hall, Fairgrounds, 601 E. Lincoln Way, Jefferson
East Precinct: St. Brigid Parish Center, 602 Hager Street East, Grand Junction
Jefferson 1 Precinct: South Assembly Room, Courthouse, 114 N. Chestnut Street, Jefferson
Jefferson 2 Precinct: Trinity Lutheran Church, 801 W. Lincoln Way, Jefferson
Jefferson 3 Precinct: Greene County Community Center, 204 W. Harrison Street, Jefferson
North Precinct: Community Center, 410 Sand Street, Churdan
West Precinct: Community Room/City Hall, 900 Eagle Street, Scranton

There has been an abundance of interest in this election, both at the local level as well as the state offices.

Republican Steve King is facing a strong challenge by Democrat J.D. Scholten for the U.S. Representative seat in District 4.

Republicans Kim Reynolds and Adam Gregg are running for the first time, after being appointed to the Governor/ Lieutenant Governor jobs. Fred Hubbell and Rita Hart are challenging on the Democratic ticket while Libertarian candidates are Jake Porter and Lynne Gentry. The Clear Water Party of Iowa offers Gary Siegwarth and Natalia Blaskovich as candidates.

State races on the ballot this year are:

• Secretary of State – Paul D Pate, Republican; Deidre DeJear, Democrat; Jules Ofenbakh, Libertarian
• Auditor of State — Mary Mosiman, Republican; Rob Sand, Democrat; Fred Perryman, Libertarian
• Treasurer of State — Jeremy N Davis, Republican; Michael L Fitzgerald, Democrat; Timothy Hird, Libertarian
• Secretary of Agriculture — Mike Naig, Republican; Tim Gannon, Democrat; Rick Stewart, Libertarian
• Attorney General — Tom Miller, Democrat; Marco Battaglia, Libertarian

Greene County candidates
Greene County will have a new State Representative. Democrat David Weaver, Republican Phil Thompson and Libertarian Patrick A Shaw are seeking the job. Chris Baltimore did not seek re-election.

There are contests for the two supervisor seats on the ballot. In District 2, incumbent Republican Dawn Rudolph is challenged by Democrat Patti Naylor. The District 3 candidates are Republican Tom Contner, incumbent, and Democrat Melissa Frederick.

Long-time Treasurer Donna Lawson, Democrat, is facing off against Republican Katlynn Gannon-Mechaelsen. Recorder Marcia Tasler, Democrat, has no opposition.

The Libertarian Party ticket features Thomas Laehn for county attorney. He is serving as assistant county attorney at the current time. County attorney Nic Martino is not seeking re-election.

Also on the ballot are public hospital trustees Ralph Riedesel and David Hoyt; soil and water conservation commissioners Andrew Krieger and Bill Frederick; and Agriculture Extension Council members Kyle Niles, Pam Olerich, Bruce Bahnson, Jill Rasmussen and Jessi Riley. There are no contests in any of these races.

Township trustees and clerks will also be on their respective ballots.
• Dawson Township – trustee Scott Walker, clerk Becki Cunningham
• Franklin Township – trustee Doug Lawton, clerk Carla K. Offenburger
• Grant Township – trustee Peg Semke, clerk Marvin Rasmussen
• Greenbrier Township- trustee Brent Badger, clerk Judy Contner
• Highland Township – trustee John McCormick, clerk Marsha Subbert
• Jackson Township – trustee Joshua Hedges, clerk Tom Lawton
• Junction Township – trustee Wade Sohm, clerk Jacqueline K. Gannon
• Kendrick Township – trustee Dennis Paup, clerk Doris White
• Scranton Township – trustee Glen Christensen, clerk Debra A. Fey
•Washington Township – trustee Mary Ann Hick, clerk Jean Borgeson
• Willow Township – trustee Michael E. Carter, clerk Melissa D. Means

There are also several judges on the ballot.

Early/absentee voting can be done in the county auditor’s office through close of business Monday, Nov. 5. Hours are 8 am – 4:30 pm. Voters will be asked to provide identification to receive a ballot.

The auditor’s office will be open Saturday, Nov. 3, from 9 am – 5 pm for absentee voting.

Voters at the polling place will also be required to provide an approved form of identification before they may receive and cast a ballot or they may sign an oath of identification before receiving a ballot.

Voters who are not pre-registered or who have changed precincts also may be required to provide proof of residence. Any voter who cannot show ID may have their identity attested by another voter in the precinct who has proper ID.
Any voter physically unable to enter a polling place has the right to vote in his or her vehicle.

For more information, contact auditor Jane Heun’s office at 515-386-5680 or email:

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