Greene County remains Republican Red in mid-term election

With the exception of electing a Libertarian county attorney and an unopposed incumbent recorder, the majority of Greene County voters picked Republicans in every race.

In the treasurer’s race, Republican challenger Katlynn Gannon/Mechaelsen leads eight-term incumbent Democrat Donna Lawson by three votes – 2,026 to 2,023. However, there are 40 absentee ballots not yet returned. Those are valid ballots if they were postmarked on or before Nov. 5 and if they arrive in the auditor’s office by the canvass next Tuesday.

In other county races, both incumbent Republican supervisors will serve another term. In District 2, Dawn Rudolph received 2,739 votes (68.75 percent) and Patti Naylor got 1,236 votes (31.04 percent). In District 3, Tom Contner got 2,228 votes (56.19 percent) and Melissa Frederick got 1,733votes (43.71 percent).

Incumbent Democrat county recorder Marcia Tasler ran unopposed. She got 3,327 votes (98.69 percent). There were 44 write-in votes.

Assistant county attorney Thomas Laehn ran as a Libertarian unopposed for the office of county attorney. He received 3,043votes (98.92 percent). There were 33 write-in votes.

The 47th Iowa House seat will continue to be held by a Republican. In Greene County Republican Phil Thompson got 2,244 votes (55.72 percent) and Democrat David Weaver got 1,696 votes (42.12 percent). Libertarian Patrick Shaw got 86votes (2.14 percent).

Eleven of Boone County’s voting precincts are in the 47th district. The race was closer there, with Thompson getting 4,607 votes (50.04 percent) and Weaver getting 4,265 votes (46.33 percent). Shaw got 334 votes in Boone County for 3.63 percent.
In the district as a whole, Thompson got 6,851 votes (51.77 percent), Weaver got 5,961 votes (45 percent), and Shaw got 420 votes (3.17 percent).

In the Fourth Congressional District, Greene County voters favored Republican incumbent Steve King over Democrat J.D. Scholten. King got 1,999 votes (49.37 percent) while Scholten got 1,944 votes (48.01 percent). Greene is only one of 39 counties in the congressional district.

In the governor’s race, Greene County voters awarded Republicans Kim Reynolds and Adam Gregg 2,325 votes (56.75 percent) while Democrats Fred Hubbell and Rita Hart got 1,675 votes (40.88 percent). Libertarians Jake Porter and Lynne Gentry got 75 votes (1.83 percent)

Votes in other state races were:
• Secretary of State, incumbent Republican Paul Pate 2,469 (62.79 percent), Democrat Deidre DeJear 1,361 (34.61 percent), and Libertarian Jules Ofenbakh 98 (2.49 percent)
• Auditor of State, incumbent Republican Mary Mosiman 1,962 (49.63 percent), Democrat Rob Sand 1,889 (47.79 percent); and Libertarian Fred Perryman 99 (2.50 percent)
• Treasurer of State, incumbent Democrat Michael Fitzgerald 2,015 (51.19 percent), Republican Jeremy N. Davis 1,8298 (46.44 percent), and Libertarian Timothy Hird, 90 (2.29 percent).
• Secretary of Agriculture, incumbent Republican Mike Niag, 2,235 (56.35 percent), Democrat Tim Gannon, 1,628 (41.05 percent), and Libertarian Rick Stewart, 101 (2.55 percent)
• Attorney General, incumbent Democrat Tom Miller 2,697 (76.6 percent), and Libertarian Marco Battaglia, 80 (22.86 percent).

Voter  turnout was 62.19 percent. 4,132 ballots have  been cast. Voter participation was much better than in the 2014 mid-term.Then, 3,703 voters – 54.41 percent -cast ballots.

The results are unofficial until the board of supervisors canvasses the vote at the Nov. 13 meeting.

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