Letter to the editor – Matt Gordon

To the editor,

This spring was full of chatter around town about the House race between the new Democrat challenger and the incumbent Republican, Chip Baltimore. Rumor had it that Chip may not run this November and the political activists of Greene County were constantly in discussion about who they’d like to see represent our district in Des Moines.

Phil Thompson was on the top of their lists. They had many conversations with Phil and learned more about his values, experience, knowledge and personality. March 16th was the deadline for candidates to file and on this day is when Mr. Baltimore announced that he will not run for re-election. Thank God that Phil was ready to run. He was able to get the signatures needed and be in Des Moines to hand deliver his papers so he could be on the primary ballot for District 47.

In the next three months, Phil worked hard on his primary race against two others from Boone County. Phil hit the pavement hard knocking doors, meeting his constituents and getting his message of service and experience out. Long days and hard work paid off and Phil was declared the winner of the Republican nomination for House District 47 on June 5.

June 6th continued as another day for Phil. He went out knocking doors, generating conversations with many people from all over the voting spectrum, laying out his goals for the district and what he believes is best for the future of Iowa. Holding events with only 20 to 30 like-minded citizens at certain locations around the county may look ‘good’ for the other side. Phil on the other hand has been knocking hundreds of doors a day, handing out his literature, and having real conversations with everyone who would talk. To this date, Phil, his campaign manager and just a few volunteers have knocked on almost every door in Boone & Greene Counties. They’ve had thousands of conversations with the voters as well as heard from them what they want to see happen at the Statehouse.

Being able to “listen to people” is not a characteristic that only comes with a college librarian. Phil won’t just listen to his constituents, he will go out and fight for their rural values at the Statehouse. Living in Japan teaching English in a school is a neat experience. Teaching children is something to be proud of. I myself have the honor of representing the people of Jefferson on our city council.

However, in my opinion, serving and protecting our country, takes real courage. The Bible says “There is no greater love than this; that he lay down his life for one’s friends.” John 15:13. Phil offered his life, served his nation, and was willing to lay his life down for our freedom. I am thankful that he returned safely, but I know some of his friends did not. He was there in the midst of the battle. He knows firsthand what freedom costs. His experience outweighs ours. He’s a hero.

Phil served eight years in the Army as an Army Ranger yet the other side blatantly belittles and openly mocks his service to our country. They vomit their hatred to their audience by saying his service doesn’t make him ‘qualified’ to be our Representative at the Statehouse. I beg to differ. The US Army Ranger website states that their “Ranger battalions are always combat ready, mentally and physically tough, and prepared to fight our country’s adversaries.” What does this mean to our small District 47? When Phil is sworn in as our Representative, he will bring the issues of rural Iowa to the floor and defend us. He will not back down from the opponents of our beliefs. He will fight for us – no matter if the agenda from the Left or Right go against him.

Phil is ready to work hard for us in Des Moines. Phil already has the experience as an aide to Rep. Dawn Pettengill for two years. Phil had a “front row seat (literally)” on how to be a great Representative. He even got to watch “some of the most monumental policy victories in Iowa history” which made Iowa #1 in the Country. This experience will help Phil as a ‘freshman’ in the Statehouse – he’ll know who to go to and what needs to be done to keep our District front and center for future growth, care and see a fair return on our investments.

Phil is mentally and physically tough. Long night debates and pressure from either side won’t sway his voice. He saw this first hand as well under Representative Pettengill. When it comes to our Second Amendment rights and the rights for the unborn, you can trust and know that Phil Thompson is prepared to fight and defend these basic rights.

I love numbers. I love to figure out problems and find an answer to such problems. So when I saw our local media and the local Democrat Party attack Phil on his in-kind donation from RPI, I felt the need to investigate the contributions based on the financial reports.

My research quickly destroyed the repeated insulting accusations floating around that “Phil’s got 134-thousand reasons to follow suit”, regarding the in-kind donations from RPI. In my research, I found that this money can be traced from our current representative’s financial report. Rep. Baltimore contributed $224,865 to RPI in the past four years. These funds stayed with the RPI, who then saw fit to re-invest them back into our Republican House district candidate. These funds were used to create a POSITIVE commercial about Phil which was on a rotation on TV and social media. The funds also were used toward mailers – paper, ink and postage cost money and this was a way for the voters to know Phil and what he stands for. With that, I say “thank you” to the Republican Party of Iowa for not spending these funds on a candidate outside of our district.

This is my first and last letter to the editor for this political season. I hope that you will take everything I have written into consideration and truly use your voice by voting for Phil Thompson for House Representative for District 47.

Respectfully submitted, Matt Gordon, Jefferson

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