Looking at the midterm, 2018

~a column by Colleen O’Brien

I just read in a political column that Democrats are desperate to end their losing streak. I’d say Democrats are desperate to move this country along into the 21st century after two years of retreating because of Dark Ages warlording folks rustling up fear of strangers; erecting walls to keep out strangers; refusing sanctuary to strangers escaping from torture/terror/starvation/death; lying about a horde of strangers near our southern border.
I personally am saddened that states are still getting away with writing laws changing polling places, closing polling places, demanding photo identification and/or street addresses rather than P.O. boxes . . . all to keep Native Americans, blacks and browns, the poor and sometimes college students from voting. Versions of voter suppression have been going on in this country since Reconstruction and through Jim Crow – other Dark Ages. Surely it’s time to grow up, politicians, and quit cheating those who aren’t going to vote for you.
When will we be done with having to hear the lying about everything and everybody to get a vote? Can’t you pols just say something good about what you’re doing? Or is it because you are up to no good?
There are more of us – honest people, kind and generous people – people who actually pay their taxes – so why are we running scared and why don’t we have the votes in Congress so they’ll work for us? Are they ALL bought and paid for by corporate? Are they all spineless men with no integrity?
Way too much of the fear mongering is fostered by the media – both the real media that I work for and the Fox News types – all of us never shutting up about a person who, among other bad habits, never shuts up about calling his enemies names (Pocahontas, Rocket Man, Lying…[pick a name]). Why can’t we just call him “Lying Aging Person” and simply ignore his fake news take on it?
I would like real news on the front page – that Jared Kushner hasn’t paid taxes in a few years and last year received $4,000 back from the IRS. How much did I get? Nada. He is worth around $325 million. I am worth about $3.25.
Corporate tax collections plunged 31 percent because of the tax break to the wealthy this year…so of course Jared got a refund.
Or how about a front-page investigative story on the many conservative judges who’ve been okayed by two or three representatives in Congress after everyone else has gone home?
How about if tweet news was on page four, on Saturdays only?
Good news: It is reported that U.S. job openings have hit a record 7.14 million. Bad news: this results in 900,000 more jobs available than there are job seekers. The administration, therefore, has cut refugee immigration by 15,000, down from 45,000 to 30,000 a year. Historically, immigrants have filled jobs no one else would take. The message here seems to be “We will save you from raping, thieving immigrants, but you’ll have to pick your own lettuce.”
VOTE. For whomever you want. Just VOTE.

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