Letter to the editor – Dick Finch

To the  editor of GreeneCountyNewsOnline,

This letter has reference to a letter to editor published elsewhere from Ruth Naberhaus from Scranton and I thank her for it. How true it is.

Property taxes are really out of control and I don’t see the big benefits of it. City streets in Jefferson are a shambles, trees are hanging down over stop signs etc and very hard to see. Lots of people in Jefferson are having major sewer problems in homes without
being seriously being looked into or repaired.

Our Jefferson swimming pool has been in dire need of repair for 2-3 years. The city keeps putting it off letting the condition get worse.

I believe they’re doing this purposly to soon tell everyone it’s not worthy of repair and we need a new one; wow, another $2 million.

A few years ago the Iowa legislature set ag property taxes to be based on production, but as farming has gotten worse the last 5 years property taxes have risen.

We’re going to lose several farmers in Greene County this year—-sad for those that worked hard for so many years and now don’t have a hog confinement building to subdizie their farming operation and are out of cash and credit to continue farming.

Nebraska ag property taxes have gotten so high that there’s thousands and thousands of acres for sale because it’s not profitable and prices are way down.

Our state and county and city had better be concerned—its critical!

I campaigned and voted for the casino (wish I handn’t) thinking their refund to county etc would help with prop tax and necessary expenditures, but to my dismay, I believe most of the money has been foolishly spent instead of wisely spent. The people losing money to them are not getting any monetary relief from the so-called benefits of it. I was wrong—I admit it.

I’m a businessman and farmer and lived in Greene County since 1939 when population was 20,000 people, five Chevrolet dealerships,  six other brand dealerships, five implement dealerships and a square full of businesses. Today I cant even buy a printer cartridge in the county.

I love Greene County and its people,  for the most part hard working, honest Christians.
But something has to change—government can’t keep taking so much money and producing so little benefit!

Thank you Mrs Naberhaus for stirring me up to do this—-why don’t we all do it and let ’em know how we feel – its past time but important

Dick  Finch, Jefferson

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